How to add your podcast to Google Podcasts

Adding your Google Podcasts via Ausha

How to add your podcast to Google Podcasts

Proof that podcasts are currently all the rage, Google is beginning to take a serious interest in this audio format. In 2018, the giant launched its Google Podcasts application. It represents a new option for listeners to listen to their favorite podcasts from their smartphone.

July 7, 2021 • About 2 min. read

From a podcaster’s point of view, adding a show to Google Podcasts doesn’t quite work like it does for listening platforms like Deezer, Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

The difference between Google Podcasts and other listening platforms

We’re talking more about indexing than adding. This means that you’re not really asking Google Podcasts to add your podcast to their app; you’re making sure they know about your new show, so they can automatically reference it in their catalog.

How to add your show to Google Podcasts via Ausha

The good news is that with Ausha, the indexing process is very simple since it’s automatic! So you don’t have to do anything special. Just make sure that:

  1. You have a web page dedicated to your podcast
  2. The link to your podcast is included in the RSS feed
  3. The address of the RSS feed is included in the code of the website’s home page
  4. The feed and the page are accessible (no password or firewall)

It may sound technical when stated like that, but rest assured, with Ausha, all these steps take care of themselves. As soon as your podcast is active (i.e. not in “private” or “draft” mode), Google will scan the Ausha podcast database to update its catalog. Easy!

You only need to wait approximately three weeks after uploading your first episode to see your show appear on Google Podcasts.

If you would like more information, Sarah, our Customer Success teammate, has prepared a comprehensive article on the subject for our help center.

Referencing your podcast via the Google application

Being referenced on Google Podcasts ensures that you’ll have a prominent place in the Google search engine depending on the query that’s typed in. For example, if you launch a podcast on Corsican songs and someone searches the internet on this subject, your podcast will be displayed in the first position in a carousel of audio files directly available for listening.

The Google Podcasts platform, in addition to allowing you to reach a wider audience, is a real benefit for the SEO of your podcast.

To increase your audience, you’ll need to add your podcast to all listening platforms. Learn how to add your podcast to Deezer or Spotify!

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