How to add your podcast to Apple Podcasts

How to broadcast your podcast on Apple Podcasts

How to add your podcast to Apple Podcasts

If there's one essential step in the distribution of a podcast, it's publishing it on Apple Podcasts. The birthplace of podcasts (in fact, the word podcast comes from Apple's iPod), the platform has become the world's largest catalog of episodes, to the extent that some listening platforms use Apple Podcasts to populate their own catalogs.

August 26, 2021 • About 2 min. read

If it’s here that the largest selection of podcasts can be found, it’s also where the largest number of listeners gather. 🎧 As such, publishing your podcast on Apple Podcasts is the first step in making your show visible and gaining your first listeners. 💪

Publishing it couldn’t be easier, thanks to Ausha, and we’ll explain it all in this article!

Steps for adding your podcast to Apple Podcasts

  1. Log into your Ausha account 💻
  2. Select the episode you wish to broadcast on the platform 🎙️
  3. Then go to “Settings” in the main navigation of your interface ⚙️
  4. On the right side, click “Broadcast” 🚀
  5. From here, all you need to do is click on “Broadcast” in the box corresponding to Apple Podcasts 💪
  6. Finally, identify whether or not your podcast is already there through a host other than Ausha 😁
How to broadcast your podcast on Apple Podcasts

Congratulations, your podcast is on Apple Podcasts!

And there you have it! In just a few clicks, your podcast is available on the Apple listening platform. Your episode will be visible within a few days, and you can track your listening statistics on Ausha at that time. 📈

If you’d like more information about adding your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Sarah, our customer success representative, has written an article about it in our help center.

Broadcasting your podcast on Apple

To increase your visibility and gain listeners, distribute your podcast to all listening platforms. Learn how to broadcast your podcast on Spotify or on Deezer via our posts on the Ausha blog.

Diffusez votre podcast partout avec Ausha 🚀

Plus qu’un outil de multi-diffusion, une seule et unique plateforme pour gérer, communiquer et analyser votre podcast.

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by Emma
August 26, 2021

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