How to Improve your Podcast’s Search Engine Optimization


How to Improve your Podcast’s Search Engine Optimization

Knowing how to improve your podcast's SEO can bring you so many new listeners, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t done it sooner! 🤯 

May 20, 2022 • About 9 min. read

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So you’ve been podcasting for a bit and you just published your most recent podcast episode, but no one seems to be listening to it… improve your podcast’s search engine optimization! 

Because as it turns out, marketing isn’t the only way to make your podcast known… 

When you improve the search engine optimization for your podcast, you can increase the discoverability, making it more likely that people will find your podcast! 🧐 

What is SEO? 

You ever wonder why when you jump on the web and Google something, how the results get to the top of the page versus further down… it’s because they have great SEO! 🤯 

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It can also be called natural referencing, which you may have heard of in some of our other Ausha blogs.

It’s used to improve where you appear in the search results on Google and other search engines. 💻 

The better your SEO is, the higher you will appear in the search results. 📈 

SEO uses keywords to figure out what your content is about, and then proposes that content (as Google search results) to others if it seems relevant to what they are searching for. 🔎 

So basically, if someone searches on Google for a specific topic, and the keyword for your new podcast episode is relevant, you will want your episode at the top of the Google search results. ⬆️ 

If you’re not at the top, create more content to share that will include your episode’s keywords and hopefully increase the traffic to your podcast episodes and your show in general. 

How to improve the SEO for your podcast?
Ausha on Google results

Why do you need to have good podcast search engine optimization? 🤔 

It is used to increase the visibility of your podcasts so that you can reach your current listeners and potential new listeners more easily. 👂 

Building a good podcast search engine optimization strategy can increase the traffic to your site and podcast episodes. 

If you have good SEO, your podcasts should be reaching those who are interested in your show’s topic whether they are looking for your show precisely or not. 🔎  

Improve your podcast’s SEO to take your podcasting game to the next level! 

Improve your podcast SEO
Podcast studio

How can you improve your podcast’s search engine optimization? 

Only one thing matters here: KEYWORDS. ⚠️ 

When you are writing a new podcast episode, have a few keywords that are the essence and main point of the episode. 

Then make sure that you include the same keywords throughout all your content for that episode. 

For example, your podcast episode, your blog post, your Youtube video, and your social media posts. 

That way they are all connected through the same keywords, which can help people discover all the different content that you have to offer… and Google likes it as well! 👍 

One specific example is if you have a podcast show about dogs. And your most recent episode is about how to adopt a dog. Your main keyword should be “adopt” so when creating content make sure to include the word “adopt” as much as possible so that you can ensure your SEO will improve when people search for “How to adopt a dog?” 🐶 

Another way to improve the SEO for your podcast is to have quality content. 👌 

This means having an appropriate length for the type of content you’re creating, with lots of keywords and valuable information. 

And on that note, make sure that you have lots of varying types of content based on your podcast: 

Types of content: 

  • Video content 🎥  
  • Audio content 🎧 
  • Written content 📝 

Video content 🎥  

The main feature of your video content could be your Youtube channel.

If you have lots of keywords in your episode description and throughout your episode, it will help your SEO a lot. 

Other examples of video content could be behind the scenes videos of you recording your podcast that you can post on social media, like Twitter. 

Audio content 🎧 

The main part of your audio content is your podcast episode… of course! 

But you can also have sneak peeks and teasers of your audio that you can post on social media, something that would work best on Instagram or Facebook. 

And you can include snackable content on your social media and website for your audience to listen to in between the release of your podcast episodes.

This is great if you want to optimize all your content that you’ve created! 🤩 

Google is not super advanced in recognizing audio content at this time 😔 , which is why if you want people to find your podcasts it’s important to create relevant written content to go with your audio content that you can include on your website. 

Written content 📝 

When it comes to written content there are endless possibilities. 

They can not only improve your SEO but can also be used for marketing your podcast.

For example:

  • Blog post 📝
  • Newsletter 💌 

When it comes to your blog posts, they are key players in your SEO strategy. There are so many opportunities to include keywords! 

You can also create power pages for your website, which are kind of like long blog posts that include many keywords and links so they will come up at the top of Google’s search results. 🥇 

These power pages can bring traffic to your website, giving more people the opportunity to listen to your new podcast episodes! 

How to improve the SEO for your podcast?
Podcast website

Additional written content 

There are also many additional written features that accompany your podcast directly for your audience to read.

For example the description of your episode. 🖊️ 

Make sure that it’s accurate to what your show is about and that it contains all the keywords from that episode and the rest of the content you’ve created on that topic. 👀 

Your show’s description will appear on all the listening platforms, your website, your social media platforms, and maybe even on Google’s search results so make sure that you take your time to do it right! 🕑 

Your title is probably the first thing read by people when they look on the web, so make sure that you optimize it with your keyword to create traffic for your podcast or website. 

Basically, put the keyword for your new episode everywhere: your title, your description, your video content, etc. 

And by having your keyword throughout all your content, it will increase the chances that on Google your podcast and website will come up first. ☝️ 

Which is what you want so that new listeners will find your content and read your blog, listen to your podcast episodes, and have the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter from your website. 

Other tips: 

Add links to your other content wherever you can. 

For example, you can put the link to your Youtube channel on your podcast site, in your Instagram bio, or in your newsletter. 💌 

Also be sure to encourage ratings and reviews from your listeners so that more people can discover your podcast. 👍 👎 

And finally, make sure that if you have a guest on your show, to ask them to share the episode on their social media or site, which will increase your visibility as well. 

How can Ausha help improve your podcast’s Search Engine Optimization? 💜 

Ausha offers many features that can help users improve the SEO for their podcasts. 

If you’re among the amazing Ausha users, when you upload a podcast audio file to the Ausha platform you can generate a transcription for your episode. 📖 

This will improve your SEO because if you decide to post your podcast on Youtube, Google can recognize the text in your subtitles.

And Ausha has the video clips generator which is great for your Youtube channel, making it even easier! 🖥️ 

If you don’t have time to film you making your podcast for your Youtube channel, you can simply generate a video clip on Ausha with the waveforms from your audio file. 🌊 

It could not be any easier to create amazing video content and improve your SEO! 🥳 

How to improve your SEO?
Video clip generated on Ausha

To wrap it up:

Improve your podcast search engine optimization to increase your podcast’s discoverability. ⬆️ 

With a higher discoverability, you can grow your audience using all your relevant podcasting content. 

There are many features on Ausha’s easy-to-use platform that can help you improve your SEO. 😀 

These features will help you optimize your time and bring traffic 🚗 to your website so you can grow your podcast! 

There are millions of podcasts out there, and you want to make sure that yours stands out when people search in Google…

…So choose a keyword and stick with it to optimize your SEO and increase the visibility of your content and episodes. 

The SEO of your podcast needs to be a key part of your content strategy and how you plan on building up your podcast and its discoverability. 🔑 

The goal of improving your SEO is to have people find your podcast and your relevant content easily so that they will listen to your podcast and check out your website! 

We hope that you find these tips for improving the SEO of your podcast helpful! 

And by the way, this article here is helping the SEO of Ausha… I’m sure you can even figure out what the keywords are! 😉 

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