All About the Ausha SmartPlayer

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All About the Ausha SmartPlayer

The Ausha SmartPlayer is a tool that you definitely want to make yourself familiar with, so keep reading to learn more! 👇 

August 4, 2022 • About 5 min. read


Knowing how to use the Ausha SmartPlayer can take your blogs to the next level and can really help you grow your podcast audience! 

What is the Ausha SmartPlayer? 

The Ausha SmartPlayer is an audio player that lets users listen to your podcast directly. 🎧 

Basically, if someone comes across your SmartPlayer all they have to do is press play and they’ll be able to listen to your show. ▶️ 

The SmartPlayer contains information about your podcast show and the individual episodes as well (more details on that later). 

You can insert your SmartPlayer into your website or others can as well, who may want to help promote your podcast. 

The Ausha SmartPlayer allows more people to listen to your podcast episodes. 💪 


How can you use the Ausha SmartPlayer? 

Using the Ausha SmartPlayer is super easy! 

All you have to do is go into your Ausha platform and go to the “Communication” tab. 📣 

Then under “SmartPlayer” you’ll find everything you need to set it up! 

You can copy the link for your SmartPlayer and paste it into your blog posts or anywhere else on your website where you think your listeners will find it. 💻 

This is a great idea if you’re writing a blog post about your newest podcast episode. All you have to do is embed the SmartPlayer into the blog and then your readers will be able to listen to the episode directly. 

This way your episodes will be available on the listening platforms, on your Ausha-generated website, and on your own website with your blog posts and other content. 🤩 

And this may sound obvious, but the more places you have your episodes available to listen to, the more your audience will grow. 📈 

You can also customize the colors of your SmartPlayer so that they match the theme of your podcast and website! 🎨 

And there are horizontal and vertical formats for you to choose from so you can find the perfect fit that you need. 

Embedding the SmartPlayer into your blog posts turns those that come across your blog as readers into direct listeners. 😃 

Like I mentioned before, it’s also great if someone is writing an article about your podcast, you can send them your SmartPlayer for them to insert, helping to promote your show even more! 📝 

By the way, if you want to find the SmartPlayer for an episode directly, you can go to the “Episodes” tab and click on the “…” button next to the episode that you want. 


What types of SmartPlayers can you generate? 

There are a few different SmartPlayers that you can generate on Ausha. 

The first is a SmartPlayer that contains all your episodes for your whole show. 🎙️ 

The second is a SmartPlayer for any playlists that you might have created, that will contain all the episodes from that particular playlist. 

The third, which is probably the most popular, is the SmartPlayer that you can generate for each episode. 

This SmartPlayer contains just one episode individually, which is perfect for your specific blog posts that are about one podcast episode.

👇 Here’s the SmartPlayer for the trailer for Ausha’s show Tips – How to Grow Your Podcast

Depending on where you insert the SmartPlayer and the purpose behind it, you can choose which one will work best for you. 🤔 

Or you can use a few different SmartPlayers in your blog posts. 

But it’s safe to say that there’s one for every occasion. 😉 

Example of a SmartPlayer embedded in an Ausha blog post

What information is included in your SmartPlayer? 

If you were thinking that your SmartPlayer is just an audio player, you’re wrong, it’s so much more! 💪 

It contains lots of information that can tell your listeners more about your show. 🗣️ 

For example, your SmartPlayer can help listeners find your show’s complete list of episodes, seasons, and playlists if you have any. 

It also gives listeners the ability to share the episode on social media through the share icon. 📱 

When listeners click the share icon they can also see all the listening platforms on which your podcast is distributed. 

By clicking on the “i” icon, listeners can find more details about your episode, like when it was published and the episode description. 🤓 

If you have chapters in your podcast episode, your listeners can jump between the different ones that you’ve set up, all from your SmartPlayer. 

And of course, to state the obvious: your SmartPlayer plays your podcast episode! 🤯 

SmartPlayer from the communications module

To wrap it up: 

You can generate different SmartPlayers that will fit every situation. 

The SmartPlayer is available on Ausha for all subscription levels. 💜 

By adding your SmartPlayer into your blog posts you can really grow your number of listeners! 👂

And if you still have questions about the Ausha SmartPlayer, click this link to the Help Center which is full of super helpful articles that can help answer your questions!

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by Ali
August 4, 2022

There can be a lot to learn when launching your podcast 🎙️, so as a Junior Brand Content Manager here at Ausha, I’m happy to help you out with the blogs I write! Besides sharing my thoughts on podcasting, I enjoy spending time with my friends, exploring Paris (where I currently live), and visiting my family back in the USA 🇺🇸

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