Podcast Planner: Your Plan for Podcast Success


Podcast Planner: Your Plan for Podcast Success

There is an old saying that goes “Failure to plan is planning for failure.” Here at Ausha, we like to think of it in more positive terms – if you put the time and effort into planning out your podcasts, your podcasts are sure to be a success! That is why we have made a Podcast Planner bundle for you to download. It helps you map out your goals and ideas, then take the steps to reach them. So reach for the stars and use our free Podcast Planner as the rocket boost to get you there!

Podcast Planners Templates for your show

Here are the templates included in the no-cost, editable, printable, magical Ausha’s Podcast Planner bundle:


Podcast Episode Planner

This template helps you plan out the details of each of your episodes. Each episode worksheet has slots for details including recording date, publication data, guest name, topic, content structure, etc.


Podcast Planning Calendar

Plan which episodes will be created or published which week with this calendar, which doubles as a tracker. Its setup is simple and easy to use: It is a printable table with empty cards you fill in with the name of the episodes.


Podcast Interview Planner

As a podcaster, chances are you are going to do a lot of interviews. Use this template to plan what you want to discuss with your guest and what topics you want to explore. Write out your questions in the blanks so you are completely prepared for the interview. Later, in post production, you can use this to start your editing script.


Podcast Checklist

This template will help you keep track of what gear you need for recording day. You can also use it as a printable checklist for tasks when recording (start mixer, press record, track volume, etc.)


Listener Persona Worksheet

A big part of planning is knowing who your audience is. This worksheet will help you create listener personas so you can define your target audience. This exercise helps you think through how people will read or hear about your show, what will drive them to subscribe to your show (and your email list), and how best you can frame your marketing to them.


Podcast Growth Roadmap

Clearly design your communication plan with our roadmap template! What are your keywords? On which platform do you plan to distribute your content? Which social media channels do you want to activate within a month? Step back and think about your marketing plan, map out your tasks, and track your progress.

Plan For Business and Success!

If you want your podcasting to be a source of income, planning for it can get you there. With a podcast you can:

- Sell podcast merchandise through a digital shop like Etsy
- Promote affiliate links to get seller commission when a listener makes a purchase
- Cut advertising deals for companies who want to promote their newest sale to your audience
- Create episodes that can only be accessed by paid subscribers

The possibilities are endless!

But you can’t just have a notion of what you want, you must have a plan for your project.

First you have to:
- Set up your episode production so your work is consistent and reliable
- Make excellent podcast content through tasks like picking the right topic and writing a solid script
- Grow your download numbers by having listeners review and share your episodes
- Increase your podcast’s social media followers by using tools like Canva

Even if you only want podcasting to be a creative outlet for you, know that creators make some of the best, original media when they plan it out.

Our Podcast Planner templates will be your best friends as you explore your options, set your goals, track your ideas, and overall create the podcast you have always dreamed of!

Each free template, whether it is a checklist, calendar, or content planner, is designed to maximize your input. We know what it takes to excel at podcast production, digital marketing, and monetizing media. We have crafted these planner templates to get you there.

Remember: These podcast planner templates are meant to complement each other as one big project so take the time to work on each one.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our help team and we will share everything we know about the business! You can also find us on social media @Ausha or tune into our own podcast episodes at “TIPS: How to Grow Your Podcast.”

So shoot for the stars! Click on the download button and start building towards those dreams today! 🚀