Decathlon’s objective: to strengthen its relationship with its customers

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Decathlon’s objective: to strengthen its relationship with its customers

France's favorite company is using the podcast to strengthen its special relationship with consumers.

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Feb. 2020





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Ausha met with Sandrine Auvray, leader of the Audio project at Decathlon.

Why did you decide to explore podcasting?

At Decathlon, we already had a highly developed content strategy with a lot of video and editorial content. When podcasts exploded, it seemed clear to me that Decathlon should also leverage this medium. 

All we had to do was draw from our incredible library of content to come up with podcasts that would interest our consumers. Advice, coaching, stories of athletes… : all this could be told in audio format. And without necessarily talking about “communication strategy”, we wanted to test it out!

What happens inside the company reflects everything I like about this medium: it is authentic, friendly, spontaneous and there is a certain closeness between the guests, the podcast host and the listeners. And this closeness can also be found at Decathlon.  

We already have a privileged relationship with our consumers (we are a legacy brand and France’s favorite brand according to several surveys). Launching a podcast to be even closer to our customers made sense to us. 

What were your goals with the launch of this podcast?

The podcasts we are launching at Decathlon meet two objectives: a first objective of attachment and loyalty to the brand and a second objective of support for the practice of sports, health and well-being.

How did Ausha help you achieve your goals?

Thanks to the Ausha platform, we have been able to accelerate the distribution of our podcasts on all listening platforms and therefore quickly attract a loyal audience. It’s a simple, intuitive and easy to use hosting and broadcasting tool, a valuable resource when starting a podcast!

Which features do you prefer or use on a regular basis for your branded podcast?

What I look at on a daily basis on Ausha is our ratings, listening statistics per episode and total per month. And I also keep track of which episodes are performing the best.

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