For Dream Catcher Sales, podcasting is the ideal medium to capture the attention of its customers

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For Dream Catcher Sales, podcasting is the ideal medium to capture the attention of its customers

For Dream Catcher Sales, the "We Are Sales" podcast is the perfect balance between video and written content to capture the attention of its customers and keep them interested.

Created Date

April 2020




Twice Monthly



Why did you start a podcast?

Video is an excellent medium but it requires a lot of technical means and can only hold the attention of a B2B viewer for a maximum of 4 to 5 minutes, which is far too short to address technical subjects in depth.

On the other hand, written media such as blogs, white papers… are excellent media to support technical subjects. However, they don’t create emotion and don’t show enough of the human element, which is a key vector of engagement.

The podcast represents the perfect balance between these 2 formats where it is possible to keep a person’s attention for 20 to 30 minutes and therefore go in depth on a subject and also have a lively and engaging discussion with them. 

What were your goals with the launch of this podcast?

There were multiple objectives: 

  1. Establish our image as subject matter experts in Sales
  2. Improve our visibility and branding as we associate our image with VP Sales of the largest scale-ups in France
  3. Establish an acquisition funnel since the preparation of a podcast enables a different approach to create meaningful connections with the guest and thus potential business opportunities.

How did Ausha help you achieve your goals?

Ausha has been a great tool to get us started in the podcast world coupled with Zencastr. One of the main barriers to getting started is technical knowledge and Ausha, with its database of articles and support, has helped us overcome these barriers. 

Which Ausha feature(s) do you prefer or use on a daily basis for your branded podcast?

The broadcasting process and the possibility of multi-broadcasting on several listening platforms at the same time. It’s a real time saver. 

Was it easy to get started?

Yes, very simple!

If you had to give 3 tips to a company that wants to launch their branded podcast, what would they be?

-> Successful launch: This is the biggest highlight in the life of a podcast. It allows you to create a community around your podcast. On our side, we launched it on LinkedIn, we had more than 600 likes, 300 comments and 50 000 impressions.

-> The podcast yes, but with an ecosystem around it: To make your podcast known without communicating around it can be complicated. Indeed, many podcasts are emerging every day. It is essential to create an ecosystem around this podcast with a newsletter, social networks, relays etc.

-> Take the plunge: To launch a podcast, you obviously need to prepare yourself, create a roadmap, have your first guests, but above all, you must not be afraid to take the plunge despite the fact that you don’t have the perfect setup. If you get good traction, then it’s time to invest in equipment.

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