How to Access Your Spotify Podcast Stats


How to Access Your Spotify Podcast Stats

Spotify podcast stats can make up a large portion of your audience analytics so it is important to know how to access them! 🤓

December 16, 2022 • About 6 min. read

How to Access Your Spotify Podcast Stats

In this blog, we’re going to walk you through how to view your Spotify podcast stats both on Spotify itself and on Ausha’s platform (assuming you are using Ausha as your hosting platform… all the cool kids are).

How to Access Your Data on Spotify’s Own Platform

We’re going to start at the very beginning here: Putting your podcast on Spotify.

If you already have a Spotify account for your podcast, you don’t need to read the first section and can skip to the second section to learn how to access the listener statistics. 👯

Create an Account to Put Your Podcast on Spotify

Let’s start from square one: First you have to make sure your podcast is on Spotify. Here’s how to make an account.

➡️ Go to

🎽 Click “Get Started” or “Login”

✍️ Fill in the simple form to create an account: Email address, password, name, etc.

Spotify for Podcasters
Spotify sign up page

🥳 Now that you are logged in, click on where it says “Add or claim your podcast”

Spotify for podcasters - Statistics
Spotify ‘Add or claim your podcast’ link

📥 The next step is to enter your podcasting RSS feed link. Spotify will then send you a verification email that you will need to click.

🌏 Once you are verified, Spotify will ask you to fill out a form to provide the basic information about your podcast: Where you podcast is made, language, hosting provider, primary category, and up to three subcategories.

🏆 Congratulations, your podcast episodes are now on Spotify! 🏆

Check You Spotify Podcast Stats on Spotify’s Platform

Now that your episodes are alive and well on Spotify’s app, you can view your Spotfiy podcast stats. Simply click on your podcast’s cover art and voila, here they are! 🪄

Spotify gives you four kinds of podcast statistics: listeners, followers, starts, and streams. Here is their definition of each one:

Listeners are unique listeners who started an episode in your catalog.

Followers are listeners who hit Follow on your podcast on Spotify.

Starts measure any listener who clicks on a podcast episode.

Streams are counted in Spotify for Podcasters when a podcast’s streamed for over 60 seconds.

It allows you to break down the data about who listened by time increments: day, week, year, or custom. 📅

How do I See My Podcast History on Spotify?

Another Spotify feature that is important to keep in mind is the podcast history feature. Listeners can go back and see what podcasts they have listened to. 🔍

This is helpful for podcasters because listeners can easily look back for content they liked and want to recommend to their friends.

To see your podcast history on Spotify’s desktop app, go to the home screen and scroll down until you find the “Recently Played” section. Click the “See All” option. Then you will be able to see all the music and podcasts you have listened to on Spotify. 🤓

The instructions are the same on the mobile app, but keep in mind that the list on the mobile is more limited than the desktop app.

Can You See How Many Listeners a Podcast Has on Spotify?

Let’s say you want to check out how other podcasts are doing on Spotify. That way you can compare you listener numbers to theirs and figure out where you stand among them. How would you do that?

Well, unfortunately you can’t. Only the podcast owner themselves can see that data. 😩

The only thing you can do to get close to this information is to check out Spotify’s Podcast Charts. 🏆

Spotify has a top 100 list of shows for each category (Arts, History, etc.). It also has a top 100 list of all the categories combined. The lists are determined by overall follower counts plus the number of unique recent listeners (only on the Spotify platform).

Spotify also has a top 100 episode list. It is determined by unique listeners on that day (only on the Spotify platform).

Of course these lists won’t give you exact numbers of how many listeners a show has, but it does give you any idea of what shows are popular. You can listen to them and figure out news ways to possibly improve your podcast.

And hey, your show may already to on a top 100 list! Or well on its way! 🥳

How to Access Your Data on Ausha

This section is for our Ausha hosting platform users. Not one? Join us today! 🤙

All you need to do to find your Spotify podcast stats on Ausha is to click over to the all-in-one data analytics dashboard. 📊

You’ll see that Spotify is an option as Audience Source (it will be there with Apple and other directories).

Ausha is certified by the IAB so the stats you see follow the highest standards and definitions. Ad sponsors want to see IAB certified stats because they know they can trust them. 💪

The dashboard will also break down your statistics by device, browser, country, time, etc.

If you are running an ad campaign, you’ll be able to see those result here too. 👀

Check your Spotify stats on Ausha

Why Spotify?

To close, let’s just take a second to answer the question “Why should I even distribute my podcast to Spotify?” 🤔

For Ausha members, the answer is super simple. Since you can distribute to all the directories in the world with one click and then see all the statistics in one dashboard, the answer is “Why not?”

For people who don’t have Ausha and have to take time and do the work of going through each directory to submit and look at statistics, the answer might not be as clear. 😶‍🌫️

Spotify does have the cool ‘wrapped‘ feature for its podcasts that people can share, just like it does for music, so that’s super tempting. 😈

It is also one of the top players in audio media industry and is pretty popular among a number of people who listen to podcasts.

Also It allows video podcasts, if that’s your thing! (If it is your thing, make sure to read our post about distributing to YouTube too!) 🎥

So do your research and see if it is the best fit for your content!

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