Top 5 Enterprise Podcast Solutions in 2023


Top 5 Enterprise Podcast Solutions in 2023

Enterprise podcast solutions can increase your company's podcast ROI, boosting your brand and communicating with your employees. 🀩

November 24, 2023 β€’ About 11 min. read


Here are some of the top enterprise solutions platforms of 2023. We compare them across three categories: Multi-User & Multi-Show Management, Branding Assets, and Support.


If you aren’t sure what an enterprise podcast is, or its benefits, you can skip to the bottom of this blog post where we review the basics. There, we also walk you through how to pick which one is the best for your business. πŸ‘


In 2023 we launched AushaPRO, an arm of our company dedicated to helping businesses undertake podcasting. Here’s what we offer in terms of enterprise podcast solutions:

Multi-User & Multi-Show Management

To maximize their investment in podcasting, companies need a hosting platform built for multiple users and multiple shows. πŸ’ͺ

Their communication team members need to be able to seamlessly work behind the scenes to put the shows on.

Private, internal podcasts need to maintain limited access for employees only, while public podcasts need to reach listeners across world. 🌐

Ausha provides this level of technology. With Ausha, companies can combine all their shows into one account, at a reduced cost, with a variety of payment options. Employees working on the podcasts can enjoy the ease of single sign-on security.

Ausha is known for distributing podcasts to every directory and listening app in the world (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.). It also has a private podcast option for internal podcasts that companies only want to share with employees, board members, etc. πŸ—οΈ

Analytics are connected on Ausha’s back-end as well. Ausha’s IAB-certified metrics dashboard lets companies evaluate their success across shows and across episodes, without having to log in and out of different accounts.


Branding Assets

On top of the back-end services, AushaPRO also offers public-facing help through its branding assets. πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ¨

With AushaPRO, businesses get full access to white label marketing materials, customized with their individual branding. The podcast website(s) that Ausha makes for their PRO clients will also have a customized domain name chosen by the client.

This is on top of the marketing tools available to all Ausha members: Audio-to-video converter for YouTube, Social Media Manager with AI-powered post creator, Podcast Search Optimization tool, Newsletter tool, and more. 😎

Whether a business wants to improve its branding internally or wants to grow its public podcast audience, AushaPRO provides the tools to get it done.

Podcast Youtube


Here at Ausha we provide individual support as part of our enterprise podcast solutions. 🀝

From the start, we assign a member of our team to be dedicated to the account. Whether it is on-boarding or on-going help, we make sure businesses get everything they need to maximize all our podcasting features.

Our experts are easy to get a hold of by phone or email, and are happy to walk AushaPRO users through any challenge. ☎️


PodBean is a podcast hosting platform and its enterprise podcast solutions fall under its PodBeanPRO brand.

Multi-User & Multi-Show Management

PodBean does offer SSO (single sign-on) and access controls to ensure the employees can easily login into the platform and access what they are supposed to. πŸ’»

The platform has an app where employees can go to listen to the company’s podcasts, rather than having to download and use other apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. PodBean does distribute public podcasts to those platforms, though.

PodBean offers IAB-certified metrics on its back end. πŸ“Š

It is not clear if PodBean offers different payment options for its enterprise clients. It also is not clear how it manages multiple shows at the same time.

Branding Assets

PodBean does not offer any branding assets, like Video Clips under its enterprise podcast solutions. It does not offer any marketing tools on its broader, non-enterprise plans either. πŸ˜”


PodBean offers its enterprise clients access to their help team over livechat and email, though not by phone. They help with on-boarding and any on-going questions enterprise podcasters have.


Next on our list is uStudio. It bills itself as “media streaming and podcasting solutions for business.”

Multi-User & Multi-Show Management

uStudio has SSO so employees can securely and easily access internal podcasts. It provides audience segmentation features to easily control which employees and stakeholders have access to what content. β›”

The platform does offer analytics, but they do not appear to be IAB-certified.

uStudio provides its own listening app. It does not appear to distribute to any public listening platforms, like a typical podcast host site would. πŸ“²

Branding Assets

Since uStudio is focused on internal podcasts, and does not distribute public branded podcasts, its branding and marketing features are limited. Clients can customize the colors the listeners will see on uStudio’s app. They can also add a logo.


uStudio has what they call “Guided Services” packages. Clients can choose what level of custom coaching they want. πŸ§‘β€πŸ«

The platform also offers basic help information for free through blogs, webinars, a knowledge library, and “office hours.”

Clients have the option of working with a uStudio expert to plan their launch timeline and strategy. πŸ“†


CastDesk describes itself as “the most secure enterprise podcasting solution available on the market today.”

Multi-User & Multi-Show Management

This platform offers SSO for secure, easy access to employee listeners. It also offers access control, limiting who in the company can see what shows. 🚧

In terms of employees who are working on the podcasts themselves, CastDesk offers a back end interface. Through this interface, managers can be assigned to different shows and tasks, like scheduling episode publications.

CastDesk does offer analytics, but it is not clear exactly what specific analytics. It also does not appear that the metrics are IAB-certified. πŸ˜’

CastDesk does not distribute podcasts to listening directories. Listeners can only tune in on its own app.

Branding Assets

Business customers can customize the listening app’s colors and images. No branding or marketing assets are offered beyond that. 🌈


CastDesk does not list any support services related to its enterprise podcast solutions.

Omny Studio

The final platform on our list is Omny Studio. It calls itself “the world’s most powerful solution for enterprise podcasting.”

Multi-User & Multi-Show Management

Omny Studio’s interface is set up so back-end users can move quickly between shows. These users’ back-end access can be controlled, making sure they only have the permissions they need to carry out their roles on specific shows.

In terms of internal listeners, Omny Studio uses signing keys to control who can access which shows and episodes. These keys can be revoked and reset as needed. 🫑

Omny Studio does provide an analytics dashboard and its metrics are IAB-certified.

This enterprise podcast solutions platform does not have its own listening app, but instead creates an RSS feed that can be added to any podcast listening platform. 🎧

Branding Assets

Omny Studio provides some branding assets and tools. Businesses can choose between four templates for the embedded player feature as well as customize its colors. It also provides an audio-to-video converter for short clips to share on social media.


Omny Studio does not list support services for its enterprise podcast solutions. πŸ€•

Now that we have covered the top five enterprise podcast solution platforms, let’s take a step back and make sure you understand the basics of what an enterprise podcast is.

What is an Enterprise Podcast?

An enterprise podcast is a podcast that a company creates. This includes public-facing branded podcasts as well as private, internal podcasts. These private podcasts are often for internal communication and employee training. πŸŽ™οΈ

Some companies will create these podcasts within their own communications departments. Others rely on outside media production agencies to create the episode content. There is a whole industry of media production agencies who specialize in creating content for company’s podcasts.

Why Launch an Enterprise Podcast?

The reasons to launch an enterprise podcast depend on what kind of podcast it is. ⬇️

Public Podcast (Branded Podcast)

A branded podcast is a public podcast that a business creates to boost its branding.

A business should launch a branded podcast if it wants get connected with people at a deeper level– the audio medium provides a comfortable, intimate atmosphere. β˜•

Another reason to start a branded podcast is because it increases search engine optimization (SEO). By being on several different listening directories across the internet, plus consistently producing valuable content, search engines like Google will place podcasting companies higher on search result pages.

Increasing your company’s visibility on search engines, combined with developing a bond with listeners, will generate leads for your business. And this can happen passively– once you publish a branded podcast episode, it can stay available for a very, very long time. People can find your company through your podcast episode years after you make the episode. πŸ‘΅

In short, a public, branded podcast is an excellent content marketing option for businesses.

Private, Internal Podcast

Many business decide to launch an internal podcast in order to train employees. Podcasts are a great way to educate employees who may not have easy access to a computer. πŸ§‘β€πŸ«

For example, employees who travel a lot need an option to listen and learn on the go. With podcasts, they don’t even need ongoing access to the internet. They can just download the small audio file and then listen to it on their mobile device whenever is convenient.

Because of these same reasons, internal podcasts can be great for improving branding and culture within an organization. πŸ₯°

Especially with the increase in remote working, it can be hard to develop a workplace culture. A podcast allows the storytelling and conversations that would typically happen in an office. Coworkers can get to know and admire each other when they are featured in podcast interviews. Departments can break down silos by hearing about what each other are working on.

Public, But Restricted Podcast

There’s also a hybrid model when it comes to enterprise podcasts: A private-public podcast. In other words, a podcast that is designed for company outsiders, but not just any company outsiders.

For example, a company can create an exclusive podcast for their VIP customers, giving them valuable content as a thank you for their business. 🀴

For this kind of show, your needs to have the technology to handle both public and private podcast distribution. Which leads us to how to pick the best platform for your business…


How to Pick the Best Enterprise Podcast Solutions Platform for You?

Each business has its own specific needs for its podcasting. Its critical to pick the best-fit enterprise podcast platform, depending on specific strategies and goals. Here are some things to consider:


If you want one of your podcasts to be public, or even if you want to just keep the option open of having a public podcast down the road, you need to pick a platform that can host public shows. 🌎

Platforms that only host shows on their own app are not suitable if you want to reach out to listeners on regular podcast apps like Apple Podcast, Spotify, etc. Some platforms do distribute shows to public platforms, but only one or two. Be sure to pick one that can automatically distribute to all the listening platforms, including YouTube (Ausha can!).


How important are analytics to your podcasting efforts? If you are just trying to check a box, you can pick just about any platform. However, if you need to show ROI using industry standards, you want to pick a platform that is IAB-certified. πŸ†

Podcast metrics can be tricky because the medium is downloaded and streamed. Episode interaction can last years. If you want analytics that are on-point, make sure you pick a platform that is IAB-certified.

Support Needs

If you are well-versed in podcast technology and strategy, you may not need an enterprise platform that provides intensive support. But if things like RSS feeds, metadata, and cloud storage sound a little foreign to you, you probably want to choose a platform where experts will hop on the phone with you at a moment’s notice to make sure your podcast is up and running, maximizing every feature that you have invested in. πŸ₯Έ

Overall, the most important thing in picking the right enterprise podcast solutions platform for you is what you envision for your business and your podcasts. If you see it as an open-ended, developing endeavor, go with a platform that gives you the most options and tools for both public and private podcasts. πŸ› οΈ

Let us know if you have any questions about enterprise podcasting! And as always, enjoy the podcasting journey! πŸš€πŸ’œ

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