Everything to know about creating an exclusive podcast


Everything to know about creating an exclusive podcast

What exactly is an exclusive podcast? Do you need one? What’s it for? How can you create one? Keep reading and we’ll answer all these questions. 

July 29, 2022 • About 6 min. read

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Knowing how to create an exclusive podcast can help you to create new content that will fit every one of your listeners. 

What is an exclusive podcast? 

An exclusive podcast is one that’s not available to everyone. 

It’s basically an unlisted podcast that requires a special link you can use to access it. 🔗 

So essentially, if you have the link to this exclusive (unlisted) podcast, you can click it and be taken to a webpage where you can listen to exclusive content that is only available for certain people. 💻 

podcast community

Why do you need an exclusive podcast? 

An exclusive podcast allows you to make content that is specialized for different groups within your audience. 

What does this mean? 🤔 

Well let’s say that you have an impressive list of subscribers that you’re trying to keep interested. 

You can create special podcast episodes for your subscribers that will be available with the special link. 

Exclusive podcasts are also good if you have content that you don’t want to share with your entire audience, because it could serve as bonus content. ⭐ 

It’s also a secure way to share important information with a particular group of people. 

Another good thing is that it’s super easy to access. 

This makes exclusive podcasts a fast and easy way to spread information to a desired group of people. 🗣️ 

podcast pitch

Who can use exclusive podcasts? 

Schools, professors, companies, and independent podcasters can all use exclusive (unlisted podcasts) to their advantage. 

They each have their positive functions depending on who they’re trying to reach. 🤝 

First, schools can use unlisted podcasts as exclusive content for their staff, students, and parents. This can help spread information quickly and make sure that it’s sent to everyone. 🏫 🎒

Second, professors can use unlisted podcasts to share exclusive content with students in online classes, students that have missed class, or simply as extra learning materials. 👩‍🏫 

This could help professors share information with their students through a new method like podcasting.  

This is a good thing because more and more people are listening to podcasts so it’s the perfect way to try and get the learning material through to students, as opposed to just reading a textbook… which we all know is not fun. 📚😵‍💫 

Third, Companies can use unlisted podcasts to share important information with their employees internally, or they can create exclusive podcasts that can be shared with their customers. 💼 

When it comes to the employees it’s similar to the way students want to receive information. 

Basically, employees could listen to a podcast instead of reading a long memo, or taking the time to read an email. 💌 

exclusive podcasts

Because guess what? Podcasts can be listened to while you’re doing something else. 

So think of it this way, an employee, or student, could listen to an exclusive podcast while working out, or driving in the car. Whereas with written content, it’s not really possible. 🏋🚗 

And the same goes for company podcasts that are exclusive to certain customers. 

Many customers may not have the time to read a company newsletter or emails, but they probably have time to listen to a podcast on their way to work! 🎧 

And finally, independent podcasters can use exclusive podcasts for their subscribers and those that are really involved in their podcast community. 🏘️ 

They can be used as an incentive to try and get more listeners to join their podcast communities. 

Subscriber-only content can be content like bonus episodes, or bloopers episodes that could appeal to your audience. 🎙️ 

Independent podcasters can also create membership-only content where their listeners can pay to be a community member, and thus receive content through an unlisted link. 

This is another way you can monetize your podcast, besides looking for podcast sponsors. 💰 

How can you create an exclusive podcast with Ausha 

With Ausha it couldn’t be easier to create exclusive podcasts for your listeners. 

You can simply record and edit your podcast episode, then upload the audio file to Ausha’s podcast platform as a new episode. 

exclusive podcasts

Then in the privacy settings, set the exclusive episode that you want to share with only a selective group of listeners to “unlisted”. ⚙️ 

podcast community

This will ensure that only those with the link can listen to the exclusive podcast episode. 

Ausha makes it super easy! 💪 

After you choose to make your podcast unlisted, a website is generated automatically from Ausha just for your exclusive content. 

Then all you have to do is send the link for your new unlisted episode to the audience you’re trying to reach. 📩 

Keep in mind that the unlisted podcast episode option is only available for those with the Boost Plan or higher!

How can your audience listen to your exclusive podcast? 

With the link that’s created from Ausha, it’s super easy to be able to listen to exclusive (unlisted) podcasts. 

Basically, all you have to do is send the link to your desired audience, and they can click it and be taken to the specially generated website just for your unlisted podcasts. 

This link is different from the Ausha generated website with all your public podcast episodes, by the way. 👌 

Only those that have the link can have access to these exclusive podcast episodes. 

Then the episode will be there for them to listen to! Easy enough! 😃 

Create a website for your podcast

Is creating exclusive podcasts worth it?

Well to answer this, it depends on your podcasting goals. 🥅 

Do you want to grow your audience, or have a strong podcast community? 

Maybe both, which is great too! 

Exclusive podcasts are more ideal for those that want to create a strong podcast community because they can offer exclusive content and bonus episodes to their subscribers. 🤜🤛 

I think that they’re also very practical for companies and schools because podcasting has become a very popular way to receive new information. 

So yes, I believe that they’re definitely worth it! 

Especially if you host your podcast with Ausha, because the link and webpage is generated for you, which is super useful! 

So to wrap it all up: 

Exclusive podcasts may not be for everyone but they really can be a secret weapon for companies and independent podcasters alike. 🦸 

It’s so practical to generate your unlisted link with Ausha and share it with a specific audience. 

Exclusive podcasts are great for spreading information quickly and effectively, making sure that those with the link can access it easily and securely! 🥳

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July 29, 2022

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