How to Pitch a Podcast to Your Boss


How to Pitch a Podcast to Your Boss

Knowing how to pitch a podcast to your boss can help them see that it’s a great new marketing tool that can be used for any sort of company. 💪

July 20, 2022 • About 9 min. read

How to pitch a podcast to your boss

If you want to pitch a podcast to your boss, keep reading to see how you can be prepared to make sure they say yes! 😃

If you’re working in marketing or communication you know how it can sometimes be a challenge to find ways to make your brand or company stand out. 

How can you seem modern and innovative? How can you be ahead of the competition? Is there a better way to reach your target market? 🤔 

Everyone’s been talking about branded podcasts recently, so it’s the perfect time to pitch the idea to your boss and get started! 

How to pitch a podcast to your boss

Why should you pitch a podcast to your boss? 

Podcasts are becoming more and more of an effective communication channel that allows businesses to improve their brand awareness and image. 💪 

It will give the brand or company the opportunity to try and increase the number of people that have heard of them. 

It’s great for visibility for a business which could make your boss eager to get started… And it’s good for you because you look smart for having suggested the idea! 💡😉 

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, it’s important that you’re prepared for any objections that could come up when you pitch a podcast to your boss. 🤓 

But don’t worry we’ve come up with the biggest objections and helped you figure how to respond to each one. 👇

Objection #1 “What even is a podcast?” 

So you’ve proposed the idea to your boss, and they come back with the classic “What even is a podcast?” 

Well don’t lose hope because we’ve prepared an answer for you to make sure that after you’re done, they’ll be SURE to know what a podcast is. 👌 

So in reality there are three different types of podcasts: 

  1. Audio content created by an individual or brand about a specific subject. 🎙️ 
  2. Replays of radio programs that have been on the air. 📻 
  3. Audio files that have been created from videos. 🎥 

And there are so many different places where you can listen to a podcast! (Another argument for your boss, by the way) 

They can be listened to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Deezer, Soundcloud, and you could even post your podcast episodes on your company’s website! 🖥️ 

One main advantage of a podcast is that you can listen to it anytime and anywhere, even while doing something else at the same time! 

Maybe while cleaning, running, driving, walking, lifting weights, cooking, showering… Well you get the point. 🏃‍♀️🚗🏋🫕

Now I think it’s safe to say that your boss will know what a podcast is. 

Bring on the next objection please! 👏 


Objection #2 “No one listens to podcasts!” 

We’ll just have to see about that… 

I’ve prepared some statistics for when you pitch a podcast to your boss so that you can inform them (politely of course) that LOTS of people actually do listen to podcasts. 👂 

Because let’s face it, a podcast is no longer just a trend. It’s an entire channel that brands need to take advantage of if they want to expand their customer base. 

So let’s talk numbers: 

1 out of 2 Americans have listened to a podcast at least once in their life. 50%, that’s HUGE! 🤯 

79% of weekly listeners claim that podcasts have become a habit that’s a part of their daily life. 

22% of Americans listen to podcasts at least once a week. 

Source: Edison Research and CSA & Havas Media  

If those numbers don’t speak for themselves, I don’t know how else you can get through to your boss. 😵‍💫 

Objection #3 “We have nothing to say.” 

Now this is an interesting point for your boss to make, so you’ll have to get creative here and maybe even bring up specific examples that relate to your company. 

But in our case, I’ll help you get started with some ideas: 👇 

Your brand or company was most likely built on values, the history that led to it, and the people that led to its success today. 

These can all start as the foundation of your branded podcast. 

Because let’s face it, what company doesn’t want to tell their own side of the story. 🗣️ 

Podcasts allow you to be free from traditional communication methods so you can address your customers differently and be able to establish a more intimate relationship with them. 

You can be subtle with a branded podcast, instead of just advertising the company, tell the story and history behind it. 📖

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself to help come up with the podcast: 🧐 

  1. Who are the people that make up the podcast? 
  2. Do you want to highlight the clients, collaborators, or partners? 
  3. What makes you an expert in your company’s field? 
  4. What are the values of the brand and how will they be embodied in the podcast? 
  5. Which topics do you feel comfortable talking about as a brand? 
  6. What’s the customer’s problem and how can you respond to it through a podcast? 

Some more statistics for you so you can really nail this point down when you pitch a podcast to your boss: 

87% of weekly listeners believe that creating podcasts is a good communication tool for a brand. 

78% of weekly listeners would be interested if the brands or businesses they liked created their own podcasts. 😃 

Source: CSA and Havas Media 

Objection #4 “We don’t know how to make a podcast.” 

Well of course making a podcast might not be your main area of expertise, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! And to help you get started, here are a few options: 

1. Entrust your project to professionals 🤓 

There are many podcast agencies that exist that can accompany you throughout the realization of your show. 

These agencies also usually have places (or know people with places) where you can record a podcast in good conditions. 

2. Make the podcast yourself 🙌 

How to pitch a podcast to your boss

You can even train yourself in this new format, and learn how to handle a mic and even give editing a try. 

There are many recognized training courses that you can look into, that could teach you how to create a podcast within just a few weeks! 

3. Follow Ausha’s advice 💜 

Browse the different resources that are available for you from Ausha. 

For example, you could listen to Tips, our podcast for launching and boosting the growth of your podcast. 🎧 

You could check out our Ausha Youtube Channel, with videos that give you podcasting advice. 🎥  

Participate in our monthly webinars and leave with lots of new insights into podcasting. 💻

And read our blog posts on the Ausha blog, just like this one! We have over 100 posts on many subjects that could help you get your show off the ground! 📝 

Objective #5 “We don’t have the budget.” 

Well luckily for you, podcasting doesn’t require a gigantic budget. 👍 

When you pitch a podcast to your boss you can mention that unlike with video production, you can launch a podcast quickly and with very little material. 

But at the very least you should have: 

Microphone – For example the Blue Yeti 🎙️ 

Computer – Mac or PC 💻 

Pop filter – To help with your plosives 

Soundproof space – With cushions and other fabrics that can help you avoid an echo 🛋️ 

And then all you have to do it choose your Ausha subscription so that we can host and distribute all of your shows onto the many listening platforms, like: 

Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict, Soundcloud, and even Youtube. 

And then you’ll also have access to all of Ausha’s amazing features! 🥳 

How to pitch a podcast to your boss

Objective #6 “What does a podcast do for us?” 

Undoubtedly, you will be asked why create a branded podcast? Well, podcasts are media that can correspond to a few different objectives: 

  • Creating loyal clients 
  • Putting yourself in an expert position 
  • Attracting new clients 
  • Developing awareness of a brand

And thanks to Ausha you’ll be able to check on all the statistics of your branded podcast to make sure that you’re getting the results you want. 📊 

podcast media kit

With Ausha you can keep track of: 

The completion rate – Analyze the average listening percentage of your episodes. 

Demographic data – Learn more about your audience like their geographic location, or how old they are, for example. 🗺️ 

PeakTime analysis – Check to see what time and which day of the week your audience is listening to your show the most, so that you can post your new episodes in time for them to enjoy. 📈 

Audience by source – Discover on which platforms your audience is listening to you the most. 

Unique listeners – Analyze the number of unique listeners that have listened to your episodes. 🎧 

All of these statistics can help you show your boss that a branded podcast is a great idea! 

To sum up 

Your boss will thank you after he sees how great a podcast can be for marketing! 

And with Ausha you can have unlimited hosting and easy distribution. 💜 

A branded podcast is perfect for any company that wants to share their story in hopes to grow their customer base, so go schedule a meeting with your boss so that you can start yours soon! 🗓️ 

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There can be a lot to learn when launching your podcast 🎙️, so as a Junior Brand Content Manager here at Ausha, I’m happy to help you out with the blogs I write! Besides sharing my thoughts on podcasting, I enjoy spending time with my friends, exploring Paris (where I currently live), and visiting my family back in the USA 🇺🇸

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