Podcast Desk: Top 10 Setups for Podcasting


Podcast Desk: Top 10 Setups for Podcasting

February 27, 2023 • About 12 min. read


A podcast desk or table is probably the most underrated piece of podcasting equipment. But it really is critical to the sustainability of your podcast! 🧑‍💻

Think about: Aren’t you tired of using a wobbly, noisy table when you are trying to record your podcast? Or tripping over wires as you basically crawl to your tiny spot at the table?

Your life will be a lot easier and enjoyable if you pick one of these top ten podcast desk all-stars! 🤸


In this blog post, we are going to give podcast desks some well-deserved attention. Here is a map of how we are going to do it. 🗺️

First we will go over the key characteristics to look for in a podcast desk or table:

  • Size
  • Soundness
  • Cord Management

Then we will take a look at top ten podcast desks of 2023:

Then to wrap it all up, we will review what you need to consider when picking the perfect podcast desk for you:

  • Measure, Then Measure Again
  • Online Reviews and Ratings
  • Shipping Costs
  • Warranty
  • Comfort and Ergonomics

Ok, ready to learn all about podcast desks? Let’s go 🚀

Key Characteristics in a Podcast Desk

Whether you are dumpster diving for a free, second-hand table, or you are perusing Amazon with a nice big budget, there are three characteristics to keep in mind when you view your options.

Size 📐

The first thing to think about when selecting a podcast desk is size.

Obviously, the desk or table needs to fit in your studio room space. Just like any other office furniture, it also needs to fit through the doorways/stairwells/elevators upon delivery.

You know the Friends scene where they are moving a couch and Ross keeps yelling “Pivot”? Yes, those are the scenarios we are trying to help you avoid. 😂

Always measure and then measure again. And before you sign to seal the deal and finalize the sale… measure again.

Size also has to do with the format of your show.

If you want to do a video format, you need to calculate the room space needed in order for your camera to sit far back enough to capture everything you want it to capture. 📹

If you are doing a show with guests, you need to make sure there is enough room around the side of the table for easy access for everyone. 🧑‍🦽

Soundness 💪

Movement causes unwanted sound. You do not want podcast desks or tables that are going to move easily: No squeaking, no off balance rocking back and forth. Your podcasting desk or table should be sturdy enough to take a bump from a person and not move much. 🏋

You also want your podcast desk or table to be able to secure whatever podcast microphones and stands you plan on using. If you are going to attach heavy boom stands, you need to make sure you desk or table are heavy enough and shaped in a way to support them.

The tabletop also needs to absorb sound as much as possible. That is why wood is often preferred choice of material. 🪵

However, there are also plenty of desks and tables made from metal and synthetic material that are also ok at buffering sound. 👌

Cords, cords, cords 🔌

Your computer power cord, mic cable(s), podcast headphones cable, and USB cords for all your recording accessories… there are a lot of cords involved in modern podcasting! Whatever desk or table you chose, it needs to have design that is friendly towards cords, making cord organizing and storage easy.

Typically that means small holes in the desk or table… so if you are going the free, second-hand route, be sure to get something that is relatively easy to drill holes through– wood is best. 🧰

Ok… enough talk about drilling holes. Let’s look at professionally made products! ⤵️

10 best podcast desks

Gator Frameworks Content Creator Desk 🐊

Gator Frameworks specializes in office furniture for recording studios. They made this desk for as a “space-saving ergonomic workstation for podcasts, broadcasts, content creation, gaming, streaming, & home recording.” 😎

This desk has a modern metal frame and a black finish. It is designed for a single user.

It offers a double-level platform design plus a slide-out computer keyboard tray that can double as storage for a MIDI Controller.

The desk also has pre-bore holes for surface mounting Gator Frameworks’ desktop microphones’ boom arms. 🦾

  • Dimensions: 43 inches (length) x 36.5 inches (width) x 38.25 inches (height).
  • Warranty: Yes
  • Price: $339.99 plus shipping

Runner-Up Gator Frameworks Option: Elite Series Furniture Desk

If you have a bigger budget, you should look at Gator Frameworks Elite Series Furniture Desk. It is more expensive at $599.99. This desk fits well in small spaces and is made out of wood. It is designed to have a lot of storage, but look very neat and clean. It has a very elegant look.

Podcast Tables Modular Sets 🧩

You cannot beat the name of this company: “Podcast Tables.” They make modular tables– individual tables that are shaped to fit together to make a nice semi-circle structure for group podcasting. 🌈

Each individual table is equipped with “an outlet with 2 USB charging ports, 9 cable clips, and 4 desk grommets for cord and cable management.

The legs and frames are made out of metal with a black finish. The tops are made out of thick, butcherblock wood with different stains to choose from (mostly shades of brown). 🟫

They are generally sold as a set of three or four modular tables.

  • Dimensions (for an individual modular table): 18 inches/36 inches (length) x 25 inches (width) x 30 inches (height)
  • Warranty: None listed
  • Price: 3-piece sets range from $1,999 to $2,569.

Runner-Up Podcast Tables Option: Bronze Oak Podcast Table

Although you can order the custom modules basically however you choose to mix and match, you may want to go with one of the pre-packaged ones. We suggest taking a look at their Bronze Oak Podcast Table, their best seller. It looks super professional and stylish– definitely office-decor ready. It can come with four modules with front panels and is priced at $3,119.

AKADesign’s ProCast R5 🎙️

AKADesign's ProCast R5

AKA Design’s is a well-established company that designs and manufactures technical equipment for the audio industry. Their ProCast series is specifically designed for podcast voice recording. 😍

AKA inserts acoustic panels right into the central part of each user’s space on the tabletop, reducing reverb and enhancing the acoustics. They also build in cable management and arm position setups. They make their products with adjustable heights, controlled by a small electric motor, so you can stand while working on this one if you want.

The Procast R5 product is built for five users. It has a skinny horseshoe shape, making it very video-friendly. 🧲

  • Dimensions: 78 inches (length) x 44 inches (width) x adjustable height
  • Warranty: None listed
  • Price (plus shipping): $3,000

Runner-Up AKADesign’s Option: ProVoice V3

If you are not looking for a super video-recording-friendly table and do not plan on having five podcast participants at one time, the ProVoice V3 model may be a better choice for you. The ProVoice is shaped like an equilateral triangle, where each side is a recording seat. This ProVoice model is half the price of the ProCast R5 at $1,500.

Omnirax Podcast 3 🎛️

Omnirax Podcast 3

Founded in 1985, Omnirax is a production office furniture company that manufactures their products in the US. 🇺🇲

They have a category called “podcast workstations” that has a few different models.

The Omnirax Podcast 3 product is a compact, triangular table, meant for three users. It is made of High Pressure Laminate material with black wedge tee-molded edges. It has a rack cabinet built in, with a pop-off back panel and two openings in the table top for cord management.

There is a custom option to buy a YellowTec m!ka mic boom system along with the workstation so you have three microphone boom arms ready to go. With this audio setup you can be assured that it will work fit perfectly with the tabletop assembly and capture each voice flawlessly. 🏗️

You can purchase a sit-down model or a stand-up model.

  • Dimensions: 80.3 inches (length) × 58.2 inches (width) x 29.5 inches (height of sit-down model)
  • Warranty: None listed
  • Price: $2,859

Runner-Up Omnirax’s Option: Podcast Clover

The cute name is a great visual description too. Shaped for four people, this table has a little “leaf” for each seat. There is also a little nook for the 16-U rack piece that comes included. What really makes this a great podcast table is that it has adjustable height, powered by a little motor. Of course, that means the sale price is going higher: $7,800.

Thomann ComboDesk ⚙️

Thomann ComboDesk

Thomann is a long established, respected audio studio furniture manufacturer. This ComboDesk was actually co-designed by Zoar, another well-known audio furniture company.

The ComboDesk product is perfect for the modern solo podcaster– a person who is still very cramped for space, but wants to a professional, reliable podcasting station. The model comes in white and black. ⚪⚫

Its design has three spacious levels: a worktop, a desktop, and a large retractable keyboard shelf that can be adjusted for height. There are spaces for hardware racks between the worktop and desktop, but if you do not use that kind of hardware, there are covering plates so you can use that space as part of your desktop (for you computer, writing space, etc).

For all your cords, the ComboDesk has various cable entry options and cable recess on the rear side.

  • Dimensions: 49 inches (length) x 28 inches (width) x 33.5 inches (height)
  • Warranty: 3 years.
  • Price (shipping is free): $400

Runner-Up Thomann’s Option: ComboDesk88

If you need a little more desktop space, check out the ComboDesk88. It is 70 inches long (about 20 inches longer than the ComboDesk) and 30 inches wide (about 2 inches wider than the ComboDesk). Of course this extra space means it will cost you more. It is listed at $575.

How to Choose the Best Podcast Desk for You

Like we always recommend on this blog, be sure to do your research before you make your purchase. What is right for one podcaster may not be what is right for you.

Here are the steps you need to take to make sure you are picking the best podcast desk for your space, budget, and overall podcast well-being as a person. 🧘

Measure, Then Measure Again

First, measure your office, studio, or whatever room you use for recording your podcast. Then measure it again. Every time you are looking at a desk or table option, check your measurements. Also check the design of the desk or table because that will also influence how much space it takes up.

Then, consider the microphone you are using or plan to use. For example if you use a clamp-on boom arm, you want to make sure the desk has the right sized edge for it. 🎙️

Online Reviews and Ratings

Once you have those basics covered, really dig into all the information you can find online about the products and service.

Be sure to check customer reviews of the product across different websites (the manufacturer’s website, store websites, Amazon, furniture/podcast gear review websites). Five stars? Zero stars? Make sure you check! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Also be sure to look at the company’s rating for customer service. You may not think that you will need customer service for something as simple as a desk or a table, but you might. Problems can come up with shipping, delivery, assembly, if something breaks, etc. 📞

Keep in mind, every product that we have reviewed in this blog post requires assembly. Some even have custom or complicated parts like motors to adjust the desk of table between sit and stand mode. If something goes wrong, you are going to need to contact customer service.

Shipping Costs

Chances are you are going to need the podcast desk you choose shipped to you. Sometimes the price given by the sellers includes the shipping fee, but many times it does not. Since these are pretty big, heavy pieces of furniture, shipping could be expensive so be sure to check what your total cost is going to be before your sign the digital dotted line.

Be sure to see if they have different shipping offers at different rates. For example, some sellers will ship podcast desks by freight for a lot cheaper than shipping by typical ground delivery. 📦

Keep an eye out for any offers of free delivery! That can be a huge money saver.


That leads us to the next item you need to research: Does the desk or table you are considering have a warranty. How many years does the warranty last from the time of sale? What exactly does the warranty cover- parts, services? Is it free with purchase or do you have to pay extra?

You are potentially putting a lot of money into this part of your podcast studio setup. A warranty helps make sure this is a good, safe, long term investment. So be sure to read the fine print writing. 💰

Comfort and Ergonomics

Last but no least, remember that you are going to spend hours at this podcast desk: writing your script, recording your voice, eating your cookies… you get the picture. Your comfort does matter when it comes to the longevity and sustainability of your show. Ergonomics does too. Choose a podcast desk or table that will bring you joy and protect your health. 🩺

And it doesn’t hurt if it is good-looking too. After all, it is going to be a piece of decor in your home or recording studio! Almost all podcast desks come in brown or black, but you can always paint them if you want.

That is all for us today! Good luck on your podcast desk journey among the [customer review] stars! ⭐ 💜🚀

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