300+ Podcast Name Ideas: Top Picks for Every Category in 2024


300+ Podcast Name Ideas: Top Picks for Every Category in 2024

March 15, 2024 • About 9 min. read

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This H1 emphasizes the comprehensive and categorized nature of your list, catering directly to

Need some inspiration for podcast name ideas? You have come to the right place! 👍

In this blog post we are going to share with you 300+ podcast name ideas for just about any topic you can think of! 😮

This blog post is paired best with 🥩 🍷:

Naming your show can be one of the most fun parts of podcasting! It is also the foundation of your podcast brand. So take it seriously, but enjoy!

(PS- Scroll down to the bottom to see our step by step process for coming up possible names for your own podcast and how pick the best one)

Ready to read some of the most catchy, creative names that we could thing of? Blasting off in 3…2…1… 🚀

300+ Podcast Name Ideas: Find Your Ideal Podcast Title

News 🗞️

  • News Flash
  • That’s News to Me
  • Simply News
  • Your News for the Day
  • News Power Lunch
  • Headlines for Ears
  • Newsworthy
  • Top Story
  • Scoops and More
  • First to Know
  • All News
  • NewsPod
  • Newstand
  • Turn Up the News
  • Front Porch News
  • Bite Sized News
  • Beyond the Headlines
  • News Fix
  • News Desk
  • First, the Good News
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Comedy 🤣

  • Please Clap
  • The Puncast
  • If You Have to Explain It
  • The Penultimate Laugh
  • Funny Looking
  • Putting the Un in Fun
  • Cents of Humor
  • Snort and Chortle
  • Just Joking
  • Stand Up Guys
  • Comedy Matters
  • Comedy Scan
  • Solid Comedy
  • Laugh Track
  • Punch Line
  • Dark Humor
  • Middle Aged Humor
  • Comedians Plus
  • Ha. Ha.
  • LOL out loud

Society and Culture 🌎

  • Is it a Cult?
  • Taboo-rific
  • Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
  • Culture Verge
  • Make Society
  • Sociology Layer
  • I Think That’s Cultural Appropriation
  • Race, Gender, and All That Stuff
  • Postmodern Trip
  • Weird Traditions
  • Get Cultured
  • Social Anxiety
  • That’s Not How We Do It Here
  • What’s Up With…
  • Isn’t It Interesting That…
  • High Society
  • Science of Culture
  • Culture Engine
  • Herds and Mobs
  • Designed for Society
  • Open Culture
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Business 🏢

  • C.E.Oh yea!
  • Get Down to Business
  • Money Empires
  • Restructuring, Not Layoffs
  • Let Me Speak With Your Manager
  • MBAs in the Wild
  • HR HR: Home Run Human Resources
  • Tax Around the World
  • Bored Members
  • The Company You Keep
  • Currency Currents
  • Manage It
  • Invest Now
  • Odd Company
  • Hanging Up Your Own Shingle
  • Going Solo
  • Freelance Life
  • Paid by the Hour
  • FYIs for CTOs
  • CFO Trends

True Crime 🕵

  • Murder, We Heard
  • Thieves and Those Who Love Them
  • Breaking and Entering into Our Hearts
  • Unreasonable Doubt
  • We Got the Wrong Guy
  • Clues and Hunches
  • Witness’s Dilemma
  • 95% Plea Rate
  • Rap Sheet with Lyrics
  • Heists and Hijinks
  • Can’t Reform This
  • Sheriffs in Town
  • False Confessions
  • Crime Labs Gone Bad
  • Crime Behind Bars
  • That’s Criminal
  • Law and Disorder
  • Let’s Solve This
  • Hello, 911
  • Outrunning Justice

Sports 🏀

  • Wanna Bet?
  • GOATS and Other Beasts
  • Lots of Balls
  • The Olympic Spot
  • Pickleball Beat
  • Olè Futbol
  • Worst Fans/Best Fans
  • Did You Watch the Game Last Night?
  • The Basketball Collective
  • Fast Break Sports Updates
  • Unfriendly Competition
  • Sports Off-Center
  • Watercooler Sports
  • Pre-Game
  • Halftime Sports
  • Winning Record
  • Sports Pod
  • Good Sports
  • View from the Cheap Seats
  • Minor League Takes
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Health and Fitness 🏋

  • New in Nutrition
  • Fat and Fit
  • Putting the Heal in Health
  • Wellness for the Broke
  • Stealth Health
  • Fitness Witness
  • Nutrient of the Day
  • Health Journeys
  • Inside Fitness
  • Fit Check
  • Leg Day
  • Fitness Review
  • Daily Health
  • Tomorrow’s Health
  • What the Health
  • Health Pro
  • Flexible Fitness
  • Endorphins
  • Happy Health
  • Body Time

Religion and Spirituality 🕊️

  • Tough Nuns to Crack
  • Our Daily Pod
  • The Great Spirituality Search
  • All Cats Go to Heaven
  • Modern Muslims
  • Preach to Reach
  • Sounds Jewish
  • Hindus and Hin-don’ts
  • Vaticans and Vatican’ts
  • Holy Smokes
  • That’s the Spirit!
  • Religion’s Place
  • Edges of Religions
  • Got Faith?
  • I Believe So
  • Spiritual Studio
  • Episodes of Grace
  • Faith, Hope, and Questions
  • Heaven Help Us
  • This Week in Religion

Arts 🎨

  • For the Exposure
  • Artists Talk
  • Art Content
  • Creative License
  • Masters in Arts
  • Arts and AI
  • Art on the Daily
  • Why Art
  • Paint Over Into
  • Arts Ethic
  • Arts Parts
  • Ceramics Weekly
  • From the Dark Room
  • The Dance Pod
  • Time to Create
  • Sculpture City
  • Aspiring Artists
  • Endless Expression
  • Art Class
  • Arts Chat
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Education 🧑‍🎓

  • Bad Ideas
  • Curiosity Time
  • Free Advice
  • Base Education
  • Love Language
  • This New Blog I Found
  • Will This be on the Test?
  • Teacher Vibes
  • You Are What You Learn
  • Today I Learned
  • Peak Education
  • Teach Me
  • Teachers to Teachers
  • How Do I…
  • After the Bell
  • The Classroom
  • Teacher’s Lounge
  • Faculty Life
  • Check the Syllabus
  • Late Night Grading

History 🏰

  • Sense of History
  • Past Time
  • It’s Not Really Over
  • Rich History, Poor History
  • Era Level
  • The Daily Past
  • Open Past
  • Bad History Analogies
  • There’s A Lot of History There
  • In the Dustbins of History
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Between the Wars
  • History Class for Grown-Ups
  • History Makers
  • Signals from History
  • Our Planet’s History
  • How That Happened
  • Constructing History
  • Old News
  • Heck of a History

TV and Film 📺

  • I Can’t Believe it Got Cancelled
  • Netflix and Review
  • Sequels and Sequences
  • Where’s My Remote
  • Film Study
  • Film Atlas
  • The Best Episode
  • Episode Club
  • Watch Party
  • Let’s Watch a Movie
  • Buddy Films
  • The Not-So Classics
  • Fan Fiction
  • Behind the Camera
  • Quiet on the Set
  • And… Action!
  • On the Cutting Room Floor
  • The Next Blockbuster
  • Happy Endings
  • My TV Friends

Science 🧑‍🔬

  • Sounds Catchy: Infectious Diseases
  • Control Group
  • Find the Future
  • Choose Innovation
  • Weekly Webinar That Doesn’t Suck
  • Easy Science
  • Lab People
  • Good Inventions Gone Bad
  • Experiment Corner
  • Questionable Validity
  • Scientific Rigor
  • Null Hypothesis
  • Safety Goggles
  • Bringing Science Home
  • It is Rocket Science
  • Test It
  • The Pipettes
  • If this Bunson Burner Could Talk
  • We’ve Got Chemistry
  • Science vs Psuedoscience

Technology 🤖

  • Popular Domain
  • Did You Watch the Webcast
  • Keywords
  • Media about Media
  • Hack Like a Pro
  • Top Ten Tech List Weekly
  • The Best Tech for the Job
  • Heckin’ Techin’
  • Tech, Tech, Goose
  • Odd Tech
  • The Tech Geeks’ Show
  • Innovation Watch
  • Tech Specs
  • Coders
  • Newest Shiny Thing
  • Gizmos, Gadgets, and Geeks
  • Technically Speaking
  • The Robots we Make
  • Tech Just for Fun
  • Technical Foul

Music 🎸

  • Audio Sweetened
  • Audiotape Files
  • Sound On
  • Start from the Top
  • Tape Cassette Days
  • The Artist and the Audience
  • Remix
  • Will Sing for Food
  • Jam Sesh
  • Music Mix
  • Guilty Pleasures
  • On Tour
  • Keeping the Band Together
  • When the Music Stops
  • Hit Play
  • Sit Back and Enjoy
  • The Music Lane
  • Surround Sound
  • Compose This
  • Behind the Band

Kids and Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  • Nap Time Coffee
  • The Unit
  • Children of the Suburb
  • Hyper
  • Planet Family
  • Kids, Goats and Children
  • Family Time
  • The Grandparents’ Show
  • Growth Spurts
  • Nuclear Family
  • Siblings Quibblings
  • The Fun Aunt
  • Two Dads
  • Steps for Step Parents
  • Custody Questions
  • Lessons in Family Law
  • Chosen Family
  • I Can’t Believe We’re Related
  • For Generations
  • Listen, Fam
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Leisure 🃏

  • Dirt and Water
  • Garden Your Meal
  • Gaming Gamers
  • Crafting Things
  • Trivia Trivia Trivia
  • I Like Beer
  • In the Weed
  • Test Flight
  • Sew What
  • Seeing Stars
  • Bedroom DJ
  • Adrenaline Hobbies
  • On Cue
  • Poker Face
  • Books for the Bookish
  • Comics Pod
  • Dominate at Trivia Night
  • Hot Rods and Dad Bods
  • Game Night
  • Old Tricks for New Dogs

Government 🏛️

  • Capitol Heel
  • Election Mania
  • Vote-A-Rama
  • The Filibuster
  • Call Your Rep
  • Senator vs Senator
  • Judging Judges
  • Amendments
  • Beyond Speeches
  • Debate Club
  • In the Lobby
  • Halls of Power
  • Civil Matters
  • Real World Civics
  • The Two Parties
  • Federal, State, Local
  • Major Mayors
  • Good Day, Governor
  • Democracy If You Can Keep It
  • Cons in Congress


Feel free to use any of these podcast name ideas for your podcasts, but just make sure no one else is using them first (listennotes.com is a great place to start). This is just a brainstorm document to get your creative juices flowing! 🧠

And, again, our free podcast name generator can really help you come up with stellar podcast name ideas, so check it out! 🧑‍🚀✨

How do I come up with a podcast name?

Let’s say you didn’t find your perfect podcast name in the lists above. Or maybe it is already taken. Don’t worry! Here is a process to help you brainstorm podcast names:

  1. Come up with a list of the top five keywords that somebody would use to find your podcast. With a black pen ⚫, write down each one on its own slip of paper.
  2. Come up with a list of fifty words that have to do with the content you cover on your podcast. With a blue pen 🔵, write down each one on its own slip of paper.
  3. Take one of the words in black ink (top five keywords) and some of the words in blue ink (content words) and play with them in different orders. Write down any combinations you like. 🔵🔵⚫🔵
  4. Repeat with different black ink words and blue ink words.
  5. Keep going until you have a list of about five to ten combinations you like. 😍
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What should I name my podcast?

Now that you have played around with different possible names, it is time to choose exactly what you should name your podcast. How do you decide?

Well, first take your list of possible names and see if any are already taken. If they are, scratch those from the list. 🗑️

Second, see if any of your possible names are already taken on social media or other websites. There may not be a podcast with the same name, but there could be a book or training course. If that’s the case, it is probably best not scratch that from the list too. ❌

Finally, ask people what they think of your possible names. Ideally, ask people who are the kind of audience you hope will listen to your podcast. If that’s not possible, asking friends, co-workers, etc. can work too. Just ask them to put themselves in the shoes of your potential podcast listeners. 🎧

With this process and input, you will be left with the perfect name for your podcast! 🎯

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