Automating your podcast communication plan with Ausha


Automating your podcast communication plan with Ausha

Finding the concept of your podcast, the theme of your new episode and your guests; recording the show; editing the audio file; publishing it on your podcast hosting platform... We can all agree that creating a podcast takes time... And when you have to orchestrate your podcast communication, this time is multiplied by ten! Except when you have a great tool! 🚀

October 7, 2021 • About 5 min. read

Automatization of a podcast's communication plan via Ausha

We can all agree that researching, recording, editing and broadcasting represent just 50% of the work required. The remaining 50% involves your podcast communication plan and how to inform everyone of your latest episode. 📣

But when you’ve put so much energy into creating your program, it can be difficult to put the same amount of energy into communicating it to others. 😩 Well, at Ausha, we’ve thought of you everyday heroes who are juggling their personal lives with their podcasting lives. 💜

When you publish your episode on your hosting platform, you have the option of completely automating your podcast communication plan. In just one click, the world is informed of your new episode! 💪

We’ll explain how to do it, and we’ll give you all our tips in this article.

Automatically broadcast your podcast on all platforms

Broadcasting your podcast everywhere, so you have as much visibility as possible: this is the first step in reaching your audience and expanding it. While Apple Podcasts and Spotify are now the two largest podcast repositories in the world, many other players have joined them, including Deezer, Stitcher, Podcast Addict and Breaker. 🪐

Depending on their habits, not all of your listeners listen to podcasts on the same platforms. So, in order to reach as many people as possible, it’s in your best interest to broadcast your podcast on as many listening platforms as possible.

And with Ausha, it’s super easy! 🚀

Podcast distribution on Ausha

Ausha is now connected to all listening platforms on the market. In less than 10 clicks, your configuration is ready and your podcast is accessible to listeners all over the world. 🎧

Once this broadcasting step is configured, your podcast RSS feed will automatically be updated as soon as you publish a new episode. You no longer need to worry about it. It’s a huge time saver! 💪

The podcast market is evolving quickly, and sometimes new listening platforms appear, as was recently the case with the Amazon Music platform. In this case (and in this case only), you’ll need to go back to the broadcasting step to connect your podcast to the new platform and allow it to send your RSS feed.

As for the rest, again, it’s automatic! 😎

Create a Video Clip with an automatic transcription to boost your podcast communication

Automating your podcast's communication plan
Generated video clip

The impact of video on social networks no longer needs to be proven. The engagement rate is significantly higher. According to Twitter, videos on social networks get 10 times more engagement than just photos. Why not apply this to podcasts? 🎬

Share the highlights of your latest episode with a video extract. Personalize the Video Clip so it corresponds perfectly to your brand image, and publish it on all your communication pages.

At Ausha, we’re also convinced of the importance of videos when promoting a podcast. 🎥 We’ve therefore integrated the creation of a Video Clip into the publication process of a new episode. As such, you can automatically create a video extract of your podcast and share it on your social networks.

In order for it to fit perfectly with your podcast branding, you can customize the Video Clip color, image, title and duration.

The cherry on the top 🍒 : With just one click, you can generate an automatic transcription of your Video Clip. This way, even without sound, your subscribers can consume your content on social media.

This will give your audience a preview of your podcast!

Auto-share your new episodes on social networks

Automating a podcast’s communication plan involves automating the publication of its posts on social networks. 📱 Because, in order to reach and increase your audience, it’s now a must to be present on social networks.

But, again, thinking about your messages, writing your posts, opening the various social networking platforms, uploading your photos or videos, planning your posts…well that all takes time ! 🤯 To help you with that, we created a podcast planner sheet to help you save time in your podcast creation and promotion.

Automating your podcast's communication plan with Ausha
Social Media Manager on Ausha

Always with the thought of simplifying your life as much as possible, Ausha lets you to do it all from one place. With auto-share, you can plan all your posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now, Instagram. 🥳

In just a few clicks, all your publications are scheduled on your preferred social networks, and your communication will be sent out at the time you’ve chosen. This way, your subscribers are informed of the release of your new content at just the right time. 💪

It’s what you’d call perfect timing! 🤓

Send a newsletter to your subscribers for better podcast communication

Automating your podcast's communication plan with Ausha

To let your audience know that a new podcast episode is out on listening platforms, you need to shout it from the rooftops! This means using all the communication channels available to you. 📣

After broadcasting your podcast everywhere in just a few clicks, generating your Video Clip as well as its automatic transcription, and scheduling your posts on social networks via Ausha, there’s just one more lever to pull: the newsletter. 💻

With Ausha, not only do you no longer need to find a third-party site to send your email from, you can even automate its sending, thus announcing the release of your new podcast episode to all your most loyal subscribers. 🚀

Launching and managing all the communication around a podcast can indeed take time and energy. But that’s only if you don’t have the right tool. 🤓

With Ausha, in just a few clicks, your communication plan is totally automated, from the broadcasting of your episode to the sending of a newsletter to your subscribers and the publication of your posts on social media platforms.

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