How to use Threads for your Podcast Marketing Strategy


How to use Threads for your Podcast Marketing Strategy

As marketing managers, we must be on the lookout for the latest trends. It's part of the job! And you know as well as I do how fast things move in digital! A few days ago, Meta (the Facebook and Instagram group) launched Threads, a new app reminiscent of X (formerly Twitter). Decoding this new feature and how it can help you promote your podcast!

December 19, 2023 • About 4 min. read


The launch of Threads ✨, Instagram’s new app, is a boon for marketing professionals looking to boost their online presence. In this article, I’ll take you behind the scenes of Threads. The goal: to discover its potential for enriching your marketing strategy, especially in podcast promotion.

What we’ll see in this article:

  • Threads: A new horizon for digital marketing
  • How to use the app concretely?
  • Marketing strategy enriched by social networks
  • Focus on podcast promotion

What is Threads, Instagram’s new app? 🧵

Let’s not kid ourselves: Threads is very similar to Twitter (well, X now).

This microblogging platform allows users to post text messages, links, photos, and videos, with a 500-character limit (compared to 280 on X for those not subscribed to a paid plan).

The real +: Threads is integrated with Instagram. This means that Instagram users, even if they’re not signed up for the app, will still see text messages in their feed, which will make them want to click. 🤔

Very clever on Meta’s part!

In summary, what is Threads?

  • A space dedicated to microblogging, like Twitter (well, X)
  • Direct integration with Instagram accounts
  • Freedom to share various types of content

How to use Threads? 🛠️

Using Threads is child’s play, especially for those already familiar with X.

Log into your Instagram account, click on the three little bars at the top right of your app, then on “Threads”.

Use your Instagram account to sign up and in just a few clicks, access a whole new network and discover new content and creators. Automatically, people who follow your account on Instagram will be notified that you are registered on Threads and will automatically be subscribed to your account! 🔥

Here’s to thousands of Threads followers!

The news feed is divided into 2 main sections, “For You” and “Followed”, offering a mix of personalized content and posts from followed accounts. This way of presenting the app allows reaching a wider audience based on recommendations! ✨


In summary, how to connect to Threads?

  • Simplified connection through Instagram
  • Intuitive and customizable user experience
  • Rich interaction with shared content

Integrating this new app into your marketing strategy: good or bad idea? 📈

As a marketing manager or content creator, you must absolutely look into Threads now, before the social network becomes too crowded.

If you are a brand or a communication professional, and you are looking to target young people, high socio-professional categories (CSP+), and those who follow the news, you are in the right place! Your target audience will have definitely tried the app at some point. 💪

If you are a content creator, there is still time to make your mark on Threads! Threads’ features are particularly suited for highlighting snippets of content or key moments, thus capturing the attention of your target audience. 👀

In summary, why integrate Threads into your marketing strategy?

  • Seize the opportunity of this new Social Media before it’s too late
  • Creation of interactive and engaging content
  • Targeting a young, CSP+ audience? You’re in the right place!

How to use Threads to promote your podcast? 🎙️

Like any new social network that launches, you’re very likely to make a buzz and create your most effective post upon your arrival on Threads. Why? Simply because the app is not yet saturated! 😁

So, it’s the right time to integrate it into your promotion strategy to make your podcast known. Open questions, debates, images, quotes, video clips: engage your community by getting them involved in your posts.

However, be careful not to burn your wings! There’s no point in launching an assault on a new app if you know full well that your audience isn’t there. Before you start anything, define your Listener-Persona or ask your community if they want to go to this app.

This will give you an idea of whether or not you should invest in this new social network! 😁

In summary, how to use Threads in your Podcast Marketing strategy?

  • Direct and engaging promotion of podcasts
  • Creating an intimate link with the audience
  • Innovative and effective content sharing strategies

Threads is poised to be THE leading network of 2024. Its judicious use can radically transform your marketing strategy, especially in podcast promotion.

Thanks to its ease of use and integration with Instagram, the app offers a new dimension to your content, making it more accessible and engaging for your audience.

I can’t wait to see what it will bring and what we can do with it for our podcasts! 🎙️

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