How to write a good podcast conclusion


How to write a good podcast conclusion

Knowing how to write a good podcast conclusion can take your podcast from the minor league straight to Yankee Stadium. ⚾  But no, we’re not going to be talking about baseball today, we’re going to be talking about podcasts! 

May 12, 2022 • About 9 min. read

How to write a good podcast conclusion

In case you don’t believe me when I say it’s important to know how to write a good podcast conclusion, here are some things to think about:

Have you ever watched a movie, where everything was great… but then, you got to the end and it really disappointed you, thus making you dislike the entire film? 😕  

Or maybe in high school English class when your teacher told you to pay extra attention to the introduction and conclusion of your essays? 📝 

Well for podcasts it’s the same thing!! Which is why a good podcast conclusion is essential! 

How to write a good podcast conclusion?
How to write a good podcast conclusion

Why do you need a podcast conclusion? 🤔 

Well first of all, because you had a strong introduction… and you need to finish as strong as you started. 🏁 

{ Bonus: If you need help with how to write a good intro too, read this article: Six Tips for a Successful Podcast Intro }

Second of all, a conclusion is a good way to wrap up all your thoughts that you’ve shared throughout the podcast episode.

And third of all, and most importantly, you need to thank your listeners, to try and get them to come back for another episode. 🙏 

A conclusion is also beneficial because it helps you avoid an abrupt ending to your show. 🛑

An abrupt ending could lead your audience to feeling like the show was not quite done, and they may be deterred from listening to your next episode. 

Writing a conclusion provides your audience with a defined beginning, middle, and end. 

This podcast structure makes your episode easier to follow which is comforting for your listeners. 🤗  

This is why writing a script for your podcast is a great idea! 💡 

If you need help writing the script for your podcast, check out this article: How to Write a Good Script for your Podcast or you can use one of our free podcast script templates.

Podcast conclusion
Writing a good podcast conclusion

10 Recommendations to follow to write a good podcast conclusion. 💜 

1. Take your time to write your conclusion ⏳ 

Don’t rush yourself when you’re writing it. This can make it sound sloppy or you may forget an important part. 

A conclusion is used to make a good and lasting impression on your audience, after all it’s the last thing they’ll hear. 👂 

So make it count! Don’t just ramble on and on at the end, make sure what you say has meaning and importance so your audience can finish your episode with a good mindset, making them come back for more! 

2. Say thank you 😃 

As I said before, this is the most important part of your conclusion. ☝️  

Say thank you to your guests, if you had any, and your podcast agency, if you use one.

Most importantly, thank your audience.

It shows that you are grateful for their time, and that you value them.

What a great way to get them to listen to more episodes! 🙌  

Not only does a thank you go a long way, but it also makes your listeners feel like they’re a part of your community. 🏘️ 

And make sure you don’t just thank them for listening in your conclusion, but thank them for listening to the entire episode all the way until the end. 

3. Conclude/Summarize your Thoughts 🗂️

This recommendation doesn’t apply to everyone. ❗❗ 

Only summarize your podcast at the end if your episode was long, dense, or you had a very technical topic. 

This will allow your audience to be reminded of everything you said, to leave with the thought that they learned something from your podcast. 🤓 

However, if your podcast is short and sweet, 🍭 there’s no need to have a summary at the end of your episode. 

It would be too repetitive, and your audience may feel like you’ve wasted their time. ⌚ 

BUT, if you have a long or intense podcast subject, you don’t want your audience to be confused at the end of your episode, because it could deter them from listening to your next one. 😵‍💫 

That’s when it’s important to have a summary, to keep their minds focused on the content and not get confused. 

A summary also helps wrap up the whole episode for your listeners. If for example at the beginning of the episode you stated what you were going to talk about, then at the end, the brief summary can help the audience take in everything you’ve said.

4. Include a call to action 📣 

If your audience listened to your podcast all the way until the end, they obviously like you and your show, so don’t be afraid to share other channels that you have with them, so they can enjoy more of your content. 

For example, invite them to follow your social media pages (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn), or check out your podcast website, or maybe something else that you are working on… for example your new Youtube channel! 📹 

But try not to go over 3 calls to action, within your episode. Otherwise it can seem too solicitous. 

So remember to save some CTAs for the conclusion! 

And be sure to choose your CTAs based on your priorities at that time. 📋 

For example, if you just released a new book, you will want to prioritize that as one of your CTAs, because you want to sell more books to your listeners. 📚 

5. Give a preview of your next episode 🎞️ 

Teaser, sneak peak, preview, whatever you want to call it, you need one in your conclusion. 

It can be a clip that you have already recorded, of a joke or laugh, or something more serious that you talked about, that can grab your listeners’ attention.

Or it could simply be an audio clip of you discussing the title and topic of your next episode. 

If you are planning on having guests on your next episode, you can mention who they are to try and spark your listeners’ interest. 💥 

Giving a sneak peak of your next episode also helps retain listeners, because they will get excited, encouraging them to listen to it. 🎧 

6. Ask for feedback 💬 

If your listeners took the time to listen to your whole podcast episode, they might also be willing to take the time to leave a review on a listening platform. 💻 

This will help your SEO and can help convince those that see your podcast to listen to it because of all the glowing reviews… Great job! 

7. Ask your audience what they want to hear 👂 

In your conclusion: other feedback that you can ask for, besides reviews and ratings, is new topics to discuss on your show. 🙇 

This way you are including your audience in the construction of your show, which shows you value them and that you want to know what they think. 

It also really helps ensure that you are going to make content that you know they will like… after all, they suggested it! 

8. Mention your funding campaign… if you have one 💸 

If they liked your episode enough to listen to it all the way to the conclusion, they will probably be eager for more episodes to follow. 

But without funding you may have to stop producing episodes at some point. 🥺 

So… if you’ve started a crowdfunding campaign, you can mention it in your conclusion to see if anyone listening wants to contribute. 

(Just make sure you tell them where to find it.) 📍 

9. Good conclusion music 🎶 

Just as you need good music in the introduction, you need good music for the conclusion. 

That way you can leave your audience feeling content, and sure that the episode has officially ended when they hear your conclusion music. 🎼 

Your conclusion music can be similar to your intro music, or you can have something completely different. It’s your podcast so do want you like… but make sure your audience will like it too! 🥰 

Check out our blog post about free podcast music, if you don’t have a big budget.

10. Add Easter eggs 🥚 

You know Marvel? 🦸‍♂️ 

Of course you do! 

Any true Marvel fan would know that throughout and at the end of each Marvel film there are many Easter eggs to be discovered. 🔎 

There are also Easter eggs in music, TV shows, and yes, even podcasts! 

And for those that don’t know, an Easter egg is a hidden clue or hint that will show what is coming in the future. 🔮 

For example, in films it could be a character that is hidden within something else that most people don’t notice, but will be a big hint for an upcoming film. 🎬 

But in podcasts it can be extra content in your conclusion that gives a hint; maybe about your next guest, or the topic of your next episode. 

This added content, or Easter egg, at the very end of your podcast episode, can become really popular among your listeners. 

So if they enjoy it, try to do it every time, increasing your completion rate and gaining more loyal listeners. 🥳 

Increasing your statistics with a good podcast conclusion
Statistics on the Ausha platform

So in conclusion: 😉 

Don’t rush your conclusion… you don’t want to be like the movies we mentioned at the beginning of this article that lead to disappointment. 🙅‍♀️

Have at least one call to action in your conclusion to try and increase your number of listeners. ⬆️ 

Try to involve your audience in the creation of your future episodes, by asking what they want to hear next, and other feedback. 🗣️

Make sure your conclusion leaves your audience feeling happy and satisfied with the podcast episode that they’ve just heard. 😊 

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