Atelier Nubio: Boosting Brand Notoriety Through Its Branded Podcast Guests

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Atelier Nubio: Boosting Brand Notoriety Through Its Branded Podcast Guests

Located in the heart of Paris, Atelier Nubio is a company specializing in the creation and sale of detox juices, dietary supplements, and natural wellness products. To boost its notoriety, the brand launched the podcast "Coup d'éclat," personified by its co-founder Claire Nouy. Discover how this new media helps the brand to increase its notoriety among its target audience.

Ausha Use Case - Atelier Nubio


Elevate the brand beyond its usual channels through a branded podcast.

In a world saturated with information and advertisements, Atelier Nubio recognized the need to stand out and elevate its brand beyond traditional channels. The podcast, with its more intimate nature and ability to convey more positive values than TV or social media, resonated with the company’s concept and its own values.

Thus, the launch of the branded podcast “Coup d’éclat” is part of this strategy.

Increase Atelier Nubio’s notoriety

Raise awareness about well-being

Position as a well-being expert

Coup d’éclat, the holistic beauty podcast

Objective : Awareness
Release Date : July 2022
Number of Episodes : 45 episodes

This podcast, in the form of intimate interviews, provides a platform for women to share their personal transformations, inspiring listeners to redefine their concept of beauty and well-being.


How does Atelier Nubio leverage its guests to promote its products?

Product Highlight

Each episode highlights the favorite products of the interviewed personality, accompanied by a specific well-being practice, contributing to the discovery and promotion of Atelier Nubio’s products.

Guests as Ambassadors

By appearing on the podcast, personalities help to extend Atelier Nubio’s reach and enhance its notoriety within their own communities.

Podcast Personified by the Co-founder

The presence of Claire Nouy, co-founder of Atelier Nubio, adds a personal and authentic dimension to the podcast, enabling better communication of the company’s vision and values.


Atelier Nubio boosts the notoriety of its brand and podcast with the help of Ausha’s tools.

#1 Podcast Notoriety Boosted by a Dedicated Web Page 🖥️

The creation of a web page dedicated to “Coup d’éclat” optimized for SEO and easily accessible through Google, facilitates the discovery and listening of episodes.

Page Web Ausha

#2 Integration of a Responsive Audio Player ⏯️

The podcast is also available directly on Atelier Nubio’s website through a responsive and customizable audio player, allowing one-click listening.

#3 Partage d’un Lien Unique vers Toutes les Plateformes 🔗

By using a Smartlink, Atelier Nubio simplifies the sharing and listening of “Coup d’éclat” by aggregating all listening platforms in one place.

Smartlink Ausha
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