Lidl: The Supermarket Titan Embraces Podcasting for Brand Commitment

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Lidl: The Supermarket Titan Embraces Podcasting for Brand Commitment

Lidl, a leading brand in the retail sector, has incorporated podcasts into its content strategy to break gender barriers. The goal: to contribute to the evolution of society by giving women a voice. With the help of Ausha, Lidl hosts and broadcasts its content easily, focusing on the quality of audio discussions. Here is a glimpse of Lidl's podcast project!



Participating in social debates in line with the brand’s values.

Demonstrate inclusion and diversity

Advocate for Female Leadership

Position oneself on societal issues

Lidl’s main goal was to contribute to breaking the glass ceiling for women, both within its company and outside.

Why choose the podcast format?

The very essence of the podcast format is its ability to create an intimate and personal space in which one can delve deeper into sometimes sensitive topics through testimonials from experts or non-experts. By sharing authentic stories, experiences, and lessons that deeply resonate with listeners, Lidl not only reaches its employees but also a broader audience.

By giving voice to women leaders and highlighting their unique journeys and challenges, the “Lidl’Her” podcast becomes a powerful tool to inspire, educate, and raise awareness about the importance of gender equality in the professional world.

Lidl does not just promote change within its structure; the brand also plays an active role in the broader movement for gender equality in society.

Lidl’Her: Lidl with them

Goal: Female Leadership and Societal Dialogue
Release Date: 2023
Number of Episodes: 5

A podcast interviewing women leaders within Lidl and influential figures from the French business world, discussing the challenges and opportunities of female leadership.


How did Lidl transform its brand image through the podcast?

By launching its brand podcast, Lidl not only succeeded in tackling a sensitive subject in the world of work, but the brand also saw its brand image evolve on several levels:

Boost in Internal and External Communication

The Lidl’Her podcast allows the brand to address both women internally and external professionals, with the goal of attracting new female talent.

Change in Brand Image

The retail sector is perceived as quite masculine. Through this podcast, Lidl changes its brand image by supporting women and giving the microphone to those who have progressed internally.

Strengthening the Employer Brand

This podcast allows this large retail chain to work on a dimension of their employer brand and go deeper and with more authenticity on the topic of women in their sector.


Lidl used Ausha’s tools to broadcast its podcast everywhere

#1 Global podcast broadcasting on all listening platforms 🛰️

Thanks to Ausha, Lidl broadcasts its Lidl’Her podcast on all podcast listening platforms including Spotify, Deezer, or Apple Podcasts. 🎧

Today, Ausha can broadcast a company’s podcast on 21 different listening platforms, both French-speaking and international. All with just a few clicks. 🚀


#2 Integration of a Responsive Audio Player on its website 🖥️

Ausha offers simplified integration of a Responsive and customizable Audio Player called Smartplayer. From the Smartplayer, visitors to a website or blog can directly listen to the shared episode. ⏯️

#3 Sharing a unique link to all listening platforms 🔗

To facilitate the sharing and listening of the Lidl’Her podcast, Lidl’s communication teams send their audience a unique listening link that brings together all the platforms where the brand’s podcast is distributed. At Ausha, this is called a Smartlink and it is fully customizable.

Website Ausha Lidl

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