The 19 podcast directories ruling the galaxy

Galaxy of podcast directories

The 19 podcast directories ruling the galaxy

This list will help you find your way through the most popular podcast directories such as Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher.

December 9, 2021 • About 9 min. read

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So you’ve created your first podcast ?

You’ve already recorded your first episodes and you want to share it with the entire world but you are lost among the different apps ?

Before starting to look into the different directories for your podcast, you should definitely check our article on “how to host a podcast and publish it”.

Here’s just a quick reminder of the definition of a podcast hosting platform 👇

It is a platform where you can store the content you need to share with your listeners.

On this platform you can upload your audio files, then add all the relevant content such as your podcast cover, your podcast description, the description of your episodes, all the metadata for your episodes, etc…

Your podcast hosting provider is also there to give you the analytics you need to monitor your podcast’s performance and to help you get listed on the most important directories.

We know we might be a little bit biased but we think you should definitely check us out : Ausha also includes special marketing and communication tools to help you on your daily work, boost your visibility and attract more listeners !

Here we are, you have chosen your hosting platform and uploaded your podcast online, you are now the happy owner of an RSS feed.

For the DIYers among you, we even wrote a step-by-step guide : creating an RSS feed for your podcast : The DIY method. 🛠

Now, you need to submit your podcast to be listed on the most important podcast directories.

Are you ready to be heard by the entire world ? We listed for you the 19 most important directories, with the top 4 : Apple podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast and Stitcher.

Let’s get started ! 💪

Apple Podcasts

If you are not on Apple Podcasts, you’re not a podcaster.

Apple podcast - anakin dark vador

We are not joking, you have to submit your podcast to Apple podcasts to be listed in this famous podcast directory.

With 28 million monthly listeners, this app that used to be a part of iTunes is the biggest door you can open to reach your audience and its algorithm will also propose your podcast to new listeners interested in similar content.

You will find the detailed information you need in our article How to add your podcast to Apple podcasts.

Just keep in mind that a submission on Apple podcasts could lead to thousands of new people discovering your content ! 


Spotify has become the second most popular platform for podcast listeners and will eventually become the first by the end of 2022 with 28.2 million monthly listeners.

Like Apple podcasts, the Spotify app will use the RSS feed on your hosting provider to upload your episodes as soon as they are available.

You won’t need to submit your episodes each week and you will reach the ears of new listeners everyday.

Yoda & luke - Spotify podcasts
Our article How to add your podcast to Spotify, read you should!

Google Podcasts

Created in 2019, Google Podcasts is rather new but it is a key player of the podcast ecosystem.

It is indeed the only option you have to list your podcast on Google’s platform and you can even show your podcast in search results.

A user looking for answers and typing in the Google search bar a question might find your podcast. Thank you mister robot ! 🤖

C3P0 & R2D2 - google podcast

Spoiler alert, you can submit your RSS feed to Google Podcasts with a few clicks thanks to Ausha ! 


To finish the TOP 4, let’s talk about Stitcher.

At first, Stitcher was the only alternative for android users that wanted to listen to some podcasts. Even if Google Podcasts is now available, this podcasts directory already has more than 8 million registered users and is growing at a fast pace.

This app works on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Smart Speakers and even in some car models. 🚗

Don’t underestimate its importance and be sure to submit your podcast on this platform. Give their users a chance to fall in love with your podcast ! 💋

Leia and Han Solo - Stitcher podcasts

Of course you already guessed it, you can submit your podcast to Stitcher directly on Ausha ! 😉

Podcast addict

Today Podcast addict is the most popular podcast app on android with more than 9 million users. This podcast directory is very popular in Europe, with languages like German or French, and it’s a great opportunity for you if you want to develop your audience outside of the US. 🌍

bb8 podcast addicts


TuneIn brings together everything from live sports and music to news and podcasts. It’s up to the listeners to listen to what interests them the most !

This platform is at the crossroads between a basic podcast directory and a design product without extra (and non necessary) features. 🛸

Chewbacca and the falcon milenium - TuneIn podcasts

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts really stands out of the crowd when it comes down to podcast directories. This platform sends recommendations to its listeners to listen to new podcast shows.

You definitely want to list your show next to the 300,000 they already have!

Their curation system is among the best ones out there and your podcast would definitely find its audience.

Darth Maul - Pocket cast podcasts


The mais strength of Castbox is its SEO optimization and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

People that like to discover new podcasts use this app because it makes the process efficient and simple.

It even comes with social media features to help you grow your audience 📈

Cantin band - castbox podcasts


Breaker is the social podcast app, no wonder the founding team is joining Twitter!

They believe in the future of audio communication and Twitter inspires them by its capacity to facilitate public conversations for people around the world.

They will continue to innovate beyond the scope of traditional podcasts and you should list your podcast on their app if you want to be part of the movement !

Palpatine - Breaker podcasts


Overcast is a free app for Apple devices.

Forget the SEO optimization or the complicated algorithms for this platform, here the rule is simple : Overcast users “star” the shows they enjoy the most to include them in the Featured Podcast section. ⭐️

This app also has some interesting features for its users, like the Smart Speed feature that removes silent moments throughout the episodes or the Voice Boost to normalize the sound level of an entire episode. Go check it out !

jarjar - overcast podcasts


Castro podcast app makes it easy to manage lots of podcasts, and we bet the best episodes of all your favourite shows are already there.

This app is only available on Apple products but it has some really interesting features, such as the customization of start times for specific shows with repetitive introductions.

Windu - Castro podcasts

To be crystal clear, those eleven podcast directories are the most important ones and you have to get your RSS feed on them if you want your podcast to be successful.

They will be your best friends to share your content with the entire world but what about the other options ?

Even if they are not part of the Jedi High Council, here is a list of 8 padawans you should consider :


iHeartRadio is, funnily enough, an online radio and a podcast streaming service.

Thanks to its innovative concept, the listeners can set up a profile and customize their listening experience. 📻

This online radio and podcast directory is a good way to reach new listeners that have other listening habits.

Player FM

Like stitcher, Player FM is an app that works on both Apple and Android devices.

It’s really easy to use and your episodes will be on air in no time thanks to their cloud based technology. Thousands of podcasters are already there and we hope you’re next ! ☁️

We won’t say it enough times in this article: by submitting your RSS feed to the maximum number of podcast directories you allow new listeners to find you. 


Pandora has two strengths you should pay attention to: it’s popular and it has a powerful recommendation algorithm.

They launched the podcast genome project to provide personalized podcast recommendations for each user based on their listening histories, likes and dislikes.


Podchaser isn’t a podcast directory like the others in this list: it is a podcast database.

On this platform, users review and rate the podcasts, give information about the hosts and producers of each podcast. ✅

Podcasters add their podcasts to Podchaser so their show can be discovered by the listeners who like to read their never ending lists and use their advanced filters.

Those lists can be customized to find THE podcast they are looking for.

Listen Notes

We talked a lot about the search engine Google, but don’t you want to be on the best podcast search engine?

Well, Listen Notes is there for you, with almost a million podcasts registered in its lists, your podcast will be on a platform designed to help listeners find podcasts about a specific topic. 🤖

Podcast Index

The podcast index aims to protect and extend the independent podcasting system. The categorized index is available for free and you should add your podcast to it !

JioSaavn & Gaana

On one hand, JioSaavn is an Indian online music and podcast streaming service, freemium service to be precise.

All the basic features are free (with advertisement or limitations), but if the listeners want an improved streaming quality, podcast and music downloads for offline listening they have to create an account and pay a subscription.

On the other hand, Gaana isn’t free to use, but it is India’s largest music and podcast streaming service with over 200 million monthly users. 🇮🇳

If you want to expand your reach and have a worldwide audience you should definitely submit your podcast to their platform.

There are many other podcast directories in the world, but here at Ausha we do believe that the 19 on the list we just gave you are the most important.

Submitting your podcast to each and every platform is a tedious job, we chose to simplify the process by making them available as soon as you have your Ausha account: you’re just a few clicks away from being heard on those podcast directories !

Ready to try Ausha? 🚀

You don’t have to jungle multiple platforms to power your podcast anymore. 

Access all our distribution, communication and analysis tools in one place.

14-day trial • No credit card •  No commitment

by Robin
December 9, 2021

Sound is my passion 🔊 I always dreamed of making it my job and TADAAAM I'm now a Junior Content Manager at Ausha : I get up every morning to do audio and video content to help podcasters boost the listening of their podcast. 🚀 When I'm not doing this, I'm trying to become a rockstar 🤘, I give lessons to my brothers on Smash Bros and Mario Kart 🏎️ , and also, I whistle (like very well) !🐣 !

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