How to Have Your Podcast Featured on Apple Podcasts


How to Have Your Podcast Featured on Apple Podcasts

Knowing how to do a podcast pitch for Apple Podcasts can help you get featured and really increase your visibility! 👀 

May 17, 2022 • About 6 min. read

How to have your podcast featured on Apple Podcasts?

You already have the help of Ausha distributing your podcast to Apple Podcasts, so why not let us give you some tips to help you be featured there! 🍎

We all know the colorful carousel of podcast covers on Apple Podcasts… So why not try to have yours included in it? 

Send in a podcast pitch to Apple Podcasts to see how you can be featured and grow your audience. 📈  

Is it a good idea to have your podcast featured on Apple Podcasts? 🤔 

Yes of course! And though you may not get chosen… and let’s face it, no one likes rejection… it’s definitely worth a shot! 

And if you’re still hesitant just think of all the people that use Apple Podcasts. 

There’s a reason it’s one of the top listening platforms for podcasts! 

If you were chosen to have your podcast featured on Apple podcasts, lucky you! 🍀 

Your visibility will increase a lot and you will be able to have more listeners in the future… What a great way to grow your podcast! 🌱 ➡️ 🌿 

And for those of you who haven’t been chosen in the past, or are nervous that you might not get featured, here are some tips to help guide you through the pitch process: 

How to have your podcast featured on Apple Podcasts?

Creating the perfect pitch for Apple Podcasts to help your podcast be featured:  

1. Promotion Request Form 📋 

The first thing that you need to do is submit your promotion request form.

This is where you can upload all the necessary information about your podcast and submit the link to your podcast artwork… but more on that later. 

The Promotion Request Form requires lots of information, so be sure to take the time to do it right and thoroughly. 🧐 

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to be featured just because you rushed through the form. 

Now within this form there are a lot of “simple” things to fill in. For example, your podcast subject, your contact information, and why you think your podcast should be featured. 

There are however other fields that will be a bit more “challenging” and will take up more time. For example, your marketing plan and the creation of your artwork. But we’ll get to that!

2. Subject Line

I advise you to have an intriguing subject line for your podcast. 

You’ll want the subject to relate to your podcast, but also make sure that it will grab the attention of the editorial board at Apple Podcasts and spark their interest. 💥 

3. Synopsis

When answering why you think your podcast should be featured, make sure you’re precise but also give enough details so that they know what your podcast is about. 

Be sure to mention the format of your podcast, whether it’s interviews, narratives, or conversations, and also the background of the host(s). 

Also mention why you want to be featured now and how your content appeals to a particular audience. 📣 

Also mention if you have any paid subscription benefits. 💰 

Keep it light but to the point! 👈 

If you are too vague they may think there is no real content to your show. And if you are too detailed they will probably not want to take all that time to read your pitch. ⏰

It’s a fine line, that’s for sure. 

But just do what you think is right and use your own judgement to determine what the essential parts are that you need to include in your pitch. 

Apple Podcasts
Apple Podcasts

More things to consider: 

You can decide if you want to have your episode featured, your season, or even your whole show. 

Also, you can choose where you want to have your podcast featured… in your country, abroad, all over! It’s up to you! 🌎 

Podcast artwork requirements:  

There are a lot of requirements when it comes to the artwork that you have to upload for your pitch.

If you don’t upload anything, your pitch will be incomplete and you cannot be featured on Apple Podcasts. 😢 

To be featured you cannot simply upload your podcast cover, you must also upload other artwork like your episode cover, your channel cover, and your subscription icon. 

You can only upload art that you own the rights to, otherwise you cannot be featured. 

Keep the episode title on your cover brief and make sure it represents your podcast.

Do not put the episode number on your podcast cover because it will also appear in other podcast metadata, making it too repetitive. 🙅‍♀️ 

There can be a lot to learn when it comes to making a podcast cover that rocks. 🤘

So make sure that yours is one that can catch the eye of those at Apple Podcasts so that you can be featured!

Podcast covers examples

More tips: 😁 

It can take at least 2 weeks for your podcast to be featured. 🗓️ 

But, if you don’t get chosen to be featured on Apple Podcasts, don’t panic! 

You can try again 6-8 weeks after your first pitch. 

And a small hint: the featured podcasts are refreshed on Mondays, so if you give a release date on a Monday, this could help get your podcast featured.  

And if Apple needs more information from you, they will contact you, so don’t bother reaching out to them for a status update. 📩 


It can take a few tries to get your podcast featured on Apple Podcasts. 

The editors are constantly trying to find new shows and episodes to feature, so don’t lose faith, it could be yours! 🤞 

You need to remember to be thorough in your pitch but not boring, and not too detailed to the point where the editors don’t have the time, or energy, to read your whole pitch. 

Take your time, don’t rush it. 

Work on it for some time, and make sure that you believe the pitch you’re submitting is the best pitch possible. 😌 

And remember, Apple wants to see consistent episodes. So get organized with our podcast planner and keep creating amazing content!

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