Creating the Perfect Podcast Pitch for Any Situation


Creating the Perfect Podcast Pitch for Any Situation

Knowing how to write the perfect podcast pitch can help you boost the visibility of your show, grow your audience, and lead to a super successful podcast! 🤩 

June 30, 2022 • About 15 min. read

podcast pitch

Pitching podcasts might seem like a super scary topic to you! But don’t worry we’ll help guide you through it, and you’ll be gaining more listeners before you know it! 

There are so many different kinds of podcast pitches that you’ll have to write as a podcaster… Keep reading and we’ll give you some tips for all of them! 💪 

Writing a podcast pitch to be a guest on another show 

There are so many amazing podcasts out there, it only makes sense that you would want to be a featured guest on some of them. 

You didn’t pay all that money for a college degree in economics to not share everything you’ve learned with the world. 🎓 

So seek out your favorite podcasts about economics and send them a pitch! 

You never know, you may soon be in the studio for an interview about aggregate supply and demand, scarcity, and the business cycle behind the mic with one of your favorite podcasters. 📈 

But before you get to that point, there’s a lot to do… 

podcast pitch

Step 1: Find a podcast that interests you 

The first step in your podcast pitch journey is to find a podcast that interests you. 🧐 

It can be one that you already listen to each week, or you can do some research and find a completely new podcast. 

Choose shows whose topics are something that you relate to, and that you feel you could contribute something significant towards. 

For example, you could share a story from back in your college days, when you first fell in love with economics. 😍 

After you have found some podcasts that you think would be great to have you as a guest, create a list (I recommend in Excel) so that you can keep track of everything. 

Step 2: Listen to some episodes 

Next, listen to some of the podcast episodes for those shows. 👂 

This will not only help you get a feel for the show’s content and the host, but also to see if you would be a good fit as a guest. 

It’s also good so that you can get an idea of the tone of the show, because you want to make sure that it’s something you could be a part of. 

Step 3: Interact with the host on social media 

Once you have decided on the shows that you want to send a pitch to, you can start to interact with the hosts on social media. 📱 

This will help you create a relationship with them, giving you an advantage when writing your pitch. 

All you have to do is comment on some social media posts (not too much to bother them), like some of their posts, and try to connect on LinkedIn. 

That way when you go to write your pitch you can mention some of the interactions that you’ve had, or some of the content that they’ve posted, which could help you stand out! 👏 

podcast pitch

Step 4: Find their contact information 

After some interaction on social media, you can try to find the contact information of the host that you’re trying to reach. 💌 

You could find it in their Instagram bio, on their LinkedIn, or on their podcast website. 💻 

After finding their information, it’s time for you to craft a pitch to send to them. 

Step 5: Create the pitch ✏️ 

I recommend creating a template for your pitches, because you will be sending a lot of them. 

That way when you go to write another pitch, all you have to do is fill in the template that you’ve created, saving you so much time! 🕰️ 

When you write your pitch you want to make sure that your subject line is very clear so that when the email shows up in the inbox of the host you’re trying to reach, they’ll know exactly why you’re writing. 

Next you should introduce yourself, not too much, but enough so that the host reading your pitch knows why you think you’re qualified to be on their show as a guest. 🎙️ 

Also, be sure to say that you like their podcast. And it doesn’t hurt to throw in an example from a specific episode to show why you like it. 

Then you can mention some topics that go in line with the subject of the podcast and why you think you’re qualified to speak about them based on your experience. 

Here you can note any previous shows that you’ve been on, or if you have a strong social media presence and large community there. 🏘️ 

If that’s the case, then you can mention that if you come as a guest, you would be happy to share any content regarding an episode you do together on your own social media accounts to try and promote the show. 

Little tip: If you mention previous shows that you’ve been on, or your social media accounts, be sure to include any links to those so that the host reading your pitch can find them all easily. 🔗 

And finally, give your contact details so that it’s easy for the host to contact you after reading your pitch. 

Little tip: Keep this pitch on hand and create a template from it, so that it saves you time when you have another pitch to write. 

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Step 6: After you’ve sent the pitch 

After sending the podcast pitch to the host(s) of your choice, you should wait between ten days and two weeks to send a follow-up pitch. 📩 

This pitch will be much shorter and will just serve as a reminder of your first pitch so that the host you’ve sent it to has more of a chance of reading it. 

You can just briefly mention who you are and that you sent an earlier pitch and wanted to check in… keep it short and sweet. 

We all know that people are busy, and inboxes get full, so don’t worry if it takes some time, they still could answer you at some point. 🤞 

When you send your follow up pitch, you could either attach your first pitch, or reply to it directly so that it’s sent again with your new pitch. 

But in the end if you still don’t hear back after your second attempt, there’s no need to spam them. 🙅‍♀️ 

If they do get back to you and want you to come on their show as a guest, that’s great! 

You can start planning the big day from there. 

When writing a podcast pitch to be sponsored by a business 

The steps that you take when writing a podcast pitch to be sponsored by a business are a bit similar to the ones we’ve just gone over. 

But this time, it’s YOUR podcast that’s in the spotlight, not someone else’s. 🔦 

Why would you want your podcast to be sponsored by a business? 

Because then they can send you ads that you can input into your show, which can help you make money from your podcast. 💰 

It’s great for them for marketing their business, and great for you because you can make money to keep up your show! 🤝 

podcast pitch

So first thing’s first: 

Step 1: Research companies 

Find companies whose customers seem like they would fit into your podcast audience. 

And what I mean by this is, don’t try and have an ad for a new vegan burger brand, when your show is about the best steakhouses in Texas… it just wouldn’t work. 🥩 

So when you have found the companies that you want to send your podcast pitch to, do even more research! 

Research each company specifically, and find out all that you can about them. It will help you make your pitch more precise and crafted to each business. 🔍 

Step 2: Writing the podcast pitch 

Of course start out with introducing yourself at the beginning of your podcast pitch. 

When you go to write the pitch, make sure you send some potential partnership ideas that you have in mind in your pitch so that they know you’ve put thought into it. 

Mention why you think their company and your podcast would work well together, and why you think you both have similar target audiences. 🎯 

And be sure to send your podcast media kit! 

This is the kit that will have everything they need to know about your show, regarding listener statistics, social media presence, and an audio preview of your podcast. 

A podcast pitch without a podcast media kit, might as well not be sent… 

Now that may be a bit harsh, but you see what I mean, it’s so important! 

Step 3: After sending the pitch 

Just like with any pitch, you’ll want to send a follow up pitch to make sure that they know you’re very interested. 🤓 

For this, just simply attach your first podcast pitch to the new one and be concise with what you say, so that they know straight away the point of your email. 

And if you don’t hear back, again don’t spam them, just accept it and continue to work on another podcast pitch. 

Writing a pitch to another podcast host for cross-promotion 

podcast pitch

Cross-promotion is when you join forces with another podcaster to feature each other on your own podcasts. 🔀 

So basically, I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine… 

But really, it means that I could invite you on my podcast to be a guest and then a few weeks later I could be a guest on your podcast. 

It’s really good when trying to grow your shows so that you can both reach the other person’s audience and increase your visibility… like free marketing! 😁 

So after you have done some research on shows that you want to work with, listen to some of their episodes just to make sure. 

Writing the pitch 

When you write the podcast pitch to another host for cross-promotion, start off with introducing yourself. 

Just something brief, about you and your show. 

Then you can go into mentioning why you think your two shows have a similar audience that would enjoy an episode with both of you. 👥 

Make sure that you send your podcast media kit in your podcast pitch, so that they can get a feel for your show, and you as a host. 

After sending the podcast pitch 

Like usual, give it some time and then send a follow-up. ➡️ 

Chances are they will answer you if they feel you’ll be a good match regarding your two podcasts, because let’s face it, this sort of thing is great for both of your shows! 

How to pitch your podcast to a potential guest  

When you write your podcast pitch to a potential guest, you need to make sure that anyone you interview will bring value to your show. 

And after you have figured out who you think is worthy of being on your podcast, 😉 you can send them a pitch. 

Create the pitch 

When you create the pitch, send the potential podcast guest a nice email or message on social media. 

Introduce yourself, say why you think they would be a great fit for your show, and then finish up with your contact information. 📞 

And again, for this type of podcast pitch you’ll also want to include your podcast media kit. 

After sending the pitch 

After you’ve sent the pitch, give it about ten days to two weeks, and then send a follow-up. 🗓️ 

Keep it to the point, and attach your first podcast pitch along with it. 

Then if you don’t hear back, well it’s their loss… 

How to pitch your podcast to people 

This could be someone in the street, one of your colleagues, or even your mom. 👩 

Now for this type of podcast pitch you don’t need to send an email or your podcast media kit. 

Just simply make sure that you have your thoughts straight in your head and that you can get the idea of your podcast across in just a few sentences. 💡 

That way when people ask you, you’ll sound professional and confident which will make them want to listen to your podcast! 

How to pitch your podcast to your boss

podcast pitch

Nowadays, more and more companies are starting to create podcasts. 

It’s a great marketing tool, and also allows companies to share their stories and business practices to help other companies and individuals. 👌 

So if you think that you are the perfect person to create a podcast at your company, pitch it to your boss… but you better make it good.

Make sure that you’re pitching the main subject that you want to talk about in your show and that you have subtopics in mind for the potential episodes that you’ll create as well. 

List off some potential guests that could work, for example: employees, directors, or guests from outside the company. 💼 

And just make sure that the podcast pitch is perfectly crafted so that your boss will think it looks professional and well thought out, making them more likely to see it as a good idea. 

How to pitch a podcast to a potential co-host 

If you’re trying to start a podcast, and you want to find someone that can host it with you, it’s important that you nail the pitch you’ll give to them so that they’ll want to get involved. 

Make sure that all your ideas are clear, but that you’re also open to changes… because after all you will both be CO-hosts. 👯‍♀️ 

You also need to pick someone that you know you can work well with for a long time and often. 

So pitch your original podcast idea to them, see what they think, and then you can make compromises and changes according to what works for both of you! 🤜🤛 

podcast pitch

Overall tips for your podcast pitch 

When giving any sort of pitch, whether in person or by email, you need to be precise and have your ideas clearly planned out. 

Because you’re supposed to give a pitch quickly, there’s no time to confuse who the pitch is intended for, so get it right the first time. 👍 

You’ll want to be personal but not too informal, because after all it’s important to be professional. 

If you can bring up some sort of connection with the person you’re sending your podcast pitch to, do it. For example, something you may have heard in their podcast or seen on their social media. 

Send your podcast media kit, whenever you need to give extensive information about your podcast, it will be super helpful for those that read it! 🧰 

And don’t forget to give your contact information! That way they can easily reach you! 

If you create and save templates for all of these types of podcast pitches, you’re going to become a master at pitching, and you’ll be able to send more pitches than you can imagine! 🤯 

That will increase your chances of getting a positive response, raising your podcasting game, and increasing your number of listeners! Win, win, win! 🏆 

To sum up 

It can be intimidating at first to reach out and send an email to a complete stranger… 

… But that could turn out to be the best guest with an incredible story, or the best interview with such an amazing topic that it could boost your audience! 🙌 

Pitching your podcast through an email may seem a bit impersonal, but it’s perfect for sending out lots of different pitches to people. 

So don’t be afraid to start your research, use templates, and write lots of pitches! 📝 

There is a host or guest out there who is willing to work with you, but you’ll never know if you don’t send a pitch for them to read! 

Soon enough you’re going to be podcasting everywhere, all thanks to the podcast pitches you know how to write! 🥳 

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