EdTech France association leverages podcasting thanks to the Matoons agency

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EdTech France association leverages podcasting thanks to the Matoons agency

EdTech France, a network of companies that gathers entrepreneurs around new technologies, has partnered with Matoons for the launch of its podcast.

Created Date

Jul. 2019







Ausha met Maxime Maton, the founder of the agency, who explained the value of this new media for his client.

What is the purpose of the EdTech podcast for your client?

By launching this podcast, the objective was to highlight the initiatives of French entrepreneurs who have decided to make technology useful to education and training, to promote them, to make the world of EdTech shine and to democratize the use of digital tools.

Why did you choose this medium?

Two years ago, I was thinking about a medium that would allow me to promote the work and highlight the association EdTech France (client of my agency). Podcasting quickly appeared to me as an ideal medium, quick to launch and inexpensive to produce.

And it’s a success, since its launch in July 2019, EdTech France the Podcast consists of 41 episodes to date, with nearly 50k cumulative listens.

How did Ausha help you achieve your goals and those of your client? 

Ausha is an easy to use platform for speedy and seamless launch.

Which Ausha feature(s) do you prefer or use to market your podcast?

For communication, I use the audio clip and to follow the results of the podcast, I consult the statistics and especially the number of listens that we achieve.

Was it easy to get used to the platform?

Yes very easy and the team was super available to answer my questions.

If you had to give 3 tips to a company that wants to launch their branded podcast, what would they be?

  • Find an angle/subject that matches your brand’s values.
  • Ensure that the face of the podcast is from a well-respected insider at the company. Choose authenticity over a professional outsider.
  • Think about giving time and budget towards marketing the podcast.
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