How to Promote Your Podcast


How to Promote Your Podcast

February 22, 2018 • About 3 min. read

Trying to promote your podcast isn’t something that you can do overnight. If you’re at a loss for ideas, here are a couple of effective strategies to grow your audience!

Make your podcast accessible everywhere

  • Have more than one episode ready:

If this is your first show or program, it’s worth ensuring that you have a couple of episodes under your belt before you launch your podcast.

That way, potential subscribers will have something to get their teeth into along with a better idea of what to expect in future episodes.

  • Be present on Apple Podcasts and other platforms:

It’s no secret that the majority of podcast listening occurs on Apple Podcasts (70% according to Nieman Lab).

So if you haven’t done so already, jump on the bandwagon and be sure to reference your podcast on Apple Podcasts. After that, there are a whole lot of other directories where you can list your podcasts such as Google Podcasts or Spotify.

You may even want to consider publishing your podcasts on YouTube.

  • Provide detailed show notes for each episode:

Creating comprehensive show notes will undoubtedly help improve your SEO.

Be sure to create a concise summary for each episode and include any links that you mention during your show in order to make your content more accessible for your listeners.

Be active on social media

Create a Twitter or Facebook account to build your podcast community. From soundbites to images, be sure to share your latest updates and releases on social media.

If you talk about someone or a particular brand in your show, if they have Twitter, mention them in your tweets.

Don’t hesitate to follow those on Twitter that are interested in subjects related to your podcast.

If you use Instagram or Snapchat, why not propose content which is somewhat different by using stories to go behind the scenes of your podcast production, for example.

You might event want to post on forums that are relevant to your podcast in order to add to your community.

Communicate during your shows

  • Turn your listeners into loyal fans:

Don’t just wait until they tell others about your podcast through word of mouth. Get your listeners to review your podcast! Remind them to do so at the start or end of your shows.

You might even want to offer them an incentive (maybe a cool freebie or even a simple shoutout on social media) in order to encourage them to leave a constructive review that will intrigue future listeners, as well as advertisers.

  • Invite special guests and tell everyone about it:

These days, with Skype and Zoom, recording a podcast with a special guest is incredibly simple.

However, make sure that their own community is aware of their participation. Their fans or followers could very well become your new subscribers.

Or why not approach other podcast hosts or brands and see whether they’d be interested in cross promotion.

Have any other top tips? Don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments section!

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February 22, 2018

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