How to prepare for a podcast interview


How to prepare for a podcast interview

Knowing how to prepare for a podcast interview can ensure that the recording process goes smoothly for you and your guest. 

May 17, 2022 • About 5 min. read

How to prepare for a podcast interview?

There can be so much to do to prepare for a successful podcast interview. 📋 

But don’t get overwhelmed, I’m here to help you know how to be ready for when you sit down behind the podcast microphone with your guest. 🎙️ 

Why do I need to prepare for a podcast interview? 🤔 

It’s important to prepare for a podcast interview because then you can give peace of mind to yourself and your guests when you record the episode. 💆‍♀️ 

It will also give your followers something to look forward to when they see you post about your new guest on your social media pages. 📱 

You also don’t want to say the wrong thing in an interview, which may be the most important reason to prepare ahead of time. 

And you really don’t want your guest to have left the studio when you think of a great question to ask them, so put in some work before the interview, you won’t be sorry! 

How to prepare for a podcast interview?
Recording a podcast interview

How can I prepare for a podcast interview? 

Finding a guest: 🧐 

First things first, you need to research potential guests to come on your podcast. 

There are two ways to do this: ✌️ 

You can do your own research to see who would go well with the subject and values of your podcast, or you can ask your audience on social media – who they want to hear on your show.

Once you have your desired guest in mind, you need to reach out to them to see if they would be interested in doing an interview on your show. 

When they have agreed, schedule a time to do the interview. 🕑 

It is important to market the interview on your social media: Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, and on your website. 

You can also mention it in your newsletter too so that you’re sure your audience will know about it. 📩 

After finding your guest:

In the background you’ll need to be coordinating with your guest to see if they want to come to your studio to complete the interview or if they would prefer to do it online. 🖥️ 

The option of online is becoming more and more popular these days, with platforms like Zoom and Skype offering great technology to complete virtual recordings. 

After you have figured out where and how you will be completing your interview, you have to do RESEARCH. 🔍  

This is the key part of preparing for your interview. 🗝️ 

You don’t want your guest to arrive for the interview and you have nothing to talk to them about. 🙊 

Know about their background, their job, and especially why you wanted them specifically for your podcast show. 

Once you know EVERYTHING about your guest, you can start to write questions that you plan to ask them. ✏️ 

Read this article if you need help figuring out which questions to ask your guest: The 34 Best Podcast Interview Questions. 

After you have all of your questions written, you can ask your guest if they want to see them in advance.

This should really be up to them, but it’s understandable if you think it will ruin some of the fun and make it sound less natural.

BUT, you really want to make sure that your guest is comfortable throughout the whole process (not just the physical interview). 

Then finally, you need to prepare a few things to say during your introduction to welcome your guest and present them to your listeners. 

Recording day: 

When it comes time to record your podcast interview, you’ll meet your guest at the studio (or online).

Make sure that you have tested all of your audio and recording equipment so that everything goes smoothly when your guest is there. ✅ 

Make sure that your guest is comfortable in the studio (or online) and then just chat with them a bit before recording to create a rapport. 🤝 

Also, be sure to take pictures that you can post on your social media to show behind the scenes for extra content for your followers. 📸 

When you start recording try to be as natural as possible, and keep up the conversation as best as you can.

At the end of your show, be sure to thank your guest in your podcast outro and also again after you have stopped recording so that they know you appreciate their time. 

To sum up: 

Find the perfect guest for your show.

Make sure to market your guest’s interview on your social media and in your newsletter. 

Write great interview questions.

Make sure your guest is comfortable. 🛋️ 

Record your podcast interview.

Thank your guest for joining you. 💜 

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