How to Send a Podcast Newsletter to Your Audience


How to Send a Podcast Newsletter to Your Audience

Believe it or not, sending a podcast newsletter can help you grow your audience to make sure that your show is gaining as many new listeners as possible. 

August 4, 2022 • About 5 min. read

podcast newsletter

When you send a podcast newsletter to your audience you let them subscribe to your show and receive updates about new episodes, which they’ll definitely appreciate! 

What is a podcast newsletter? 

A podcast newsletter is an email that you send to your subscribers with information about your newest episodes. 💌 

It gives updates about your show. For example, if you’ve released a new episode or if you have any bonus content that you want to tell your subscribers about. 

Your podcast newsletter should be used to promote your podcast so that you can grow your show’s audience. 🗣️ 

Why should you send a podcast newsletter? 

Sending a podcast newsletter can help you stay engaged with your subscribers. Who by the way are probably your biggest fans and so you’ll want to keep them interested… 

Your newsletter makes it easy for your subscribers to know about any new episodes that you release or other important information that you want to share with them (more on that later). 🤓 

A podcast newsletter also serves as a nice and friendly reminder for your audience to listen to your newest episodes. 📣 

podcast newsletter

What should you include in your podcast newsletter? 

Your newsletter is yours, so ultimately you can choose what you want to include! 

You should start your newsletter with a clear and catchy subject line, so that you can grab the attention of your readers. 🪝 

The main reason for your podcast newsletter is to promote your new show, but you should also use it to try and grow your podcast audience. 📈 

So for instance, if you make your newsletter super interesting, one of your subscribers could forward the email to one of their friends, thus making your audience grow! 

So what sort of content can you include that will make your newsletter more interesting? 🤔 

Photos of you behind-the-scenes: maybe in the studio, or editing your show. 🖼️ 

You can also give details about any guests that you’ve had on your show, and give their social media usernames, and maybe include a photo of you both recording together. 

If you want to offer exclusive content to your subscribers you can send them a link to an unlisted podcast that you’ve specially created for them. 🔗 

An unlisted podcast is only available for those that have the link to it. 

Another key part of your newsletter is the use of calls-to-action. 📣 

podcast newsletter

You can use calls-to-action to try and encourage your subscribers to do something. 

It could be for example to follow you on Instagram, or to buy your new book, or even to contribute to your show financially. 

Remember not to use too many calls-to-action in one newsletter, it will seem too solicitous. 🙅‍♀️ 

Finally, you can include the Smartlink to your podcast directly in the newsletter, making it super easy for your subscribers to listen to your new episode. 

How often should you send your podcast newsletter? 🗓️ 

There’s no strict rule when it comes to how often you send your podcast newsletter. 

But you should try and send one every time you release a new podcast episode. 

However, if you have a show that you release 2 to 3 times per week or a show that comes out once a month, you’ll need to adjust your newsletter schedule. ⚖️ 

Make sure that you don’t send them too much or too little. Find a rhythm that works for you and stick with it. 

For example, if you have multiple episodes being released per week you can send one newsletter per week that discusses all your episodes from that week. 📝 

And if you have a show that you release once a month, you can send newsletters in between your episodes so that your audience doesn’t forget about you. 😢

And you can also send out special newsletters if you have important or time-sensitive information that you want to share with your subscribers. 🤩 

podcast newsletter

How can you use the Ausha Newsletter feature?

All you have to do is go into your Ausha platform and go to the “Communication” tab. 📣 

After you’ve done that you can go to “Newsletter” where you’ll see your list of newsletter subscribers. 📋 

You’ll also find a link that you can copy and paste in different places, that people can click on in order to subscribe to your podcast newsletter. 

podcast newsletter

There’s also a spot where you can add calls-to-action by using buttons that you can customize to match your call-to-action at that time. 

For example, you can add a custom button with a call-to-action telling people to subscribe to your newsletter, which you can add to your podcast website that’s generated on Ausha. 💻 

podcast newsletter
Ausha-generated podcast website

There’s even a pop-up window that will appear on your Ausha-generated podcast website that offers your listeners the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter! 

It really couldn’t be any easier! 💪 

To sum up: 

Be as consistent as possible when sending out your newsletters. 

Make them interesting so that your subscribers will want to forward the email to their friends. 💌 

Using the Ausha newsletter feature to help you gain subscribers for your show is super easy! 💜 

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