Why launch a branded podcast?


Why launch a branded podcast?

May 2, 2023 • About 5 min. read

Branded podcast - why launch a business podcast for your brand?

The Branded Podcast has become an essential tool for companies of all sizes. It offers an effective way to disseminate important information, connect with consumers, modernize brand image, and strengthen relationships with employees. 🔥

Get inspired with our Blog Post with 10 examples of Branded Podcast.

What is a podcast?

But first, let’s go back to the basics: what is a podcast?

A podcast comes in two forms: 

  • Native podcasts, which are audio content created by an independent or brand on a specific subject, 🙋‍♀️
  • Podcast replays, which are replays of a radio show or audio from a video. 🎧

Podcasts are listened to on listening platforms or music streaming applications such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Music. 😁 If you look closely in your apps, you have a whole section dedicated to podcasts. This is where your future show will appear once it goes live! 🚀

What is a branded podcast?

A branded podcast is audio content created by a company or public organization for a diverse audience.  🎯 The target audience for a branded podcast can be diverse. It can be: 

  • The brand’s consumers,
  • The company’s prospects, employees, 
  • Its business partners 
  • Or anyone interested in the company or its industry. 

Some are public and distributed on all platforms, while others are private podcasts and intended for a closed audience. It all depends on the purpose it serves. 

Business podcasts, much like indie podcasts, have the ability to cover a diverse range of topics that are either directly or indirectly associated with the brand. 🤝 These topics may include company updates, expert interviews, conversations about market trends, or previews of upcoming events.

Why create a business podcast?

Why create a branded podcast? If you’re thinking of starting a business podcast with the sole purpose of promoting your products or services, then let me tell you, you’re headed in the wrong direction. 🙅‍♀️

A podcast isn’t just another advertising or marketing tool. On the contrary, it’s the perfect platform for brand storytelling and creating content that resonates with your audience.

Before launching a new project, it’s important to define your objectives. A podcast can serve a variety of purposes depending on the type of program you want to create. 😃

A podcast for Brand Awareness

Your podcast can be distributed on all listening platforms, making it easily accessible to your target audience, and can even spread through word of mouth, increasing its effectiveness in boosting your brand’s image. 👄👂

The most common type of podcast for companies is aimed at enhancing their notoriety. This is because podcasts offer an opportunity to build a more personal relationship with both your target audience and consumers. 🥰

By doing so, it is an excellent medium to discuss causes that are important to your brand, showcase your company’s values, highlight your employees and collaborators, or celebrate the people who are making your brand a success.

The Use of Internal Podcasts

When we hear the term “podcast”, we often associate it with the hope of gaining hundreds and hundreds of downloads. However, there are also podcasts created by brands and companies that do not necessarily aim for a wide audience. They are designed to meet specific internal needs.

With Ausha, you can create private podcasts that are only accessible to specific individuals or groups and are not available on all listening platforms. 💜

Why would a company choose to launch an internal or confidential podcast? There are several reasons, such as reaching out to employees who work remotely or on-the-go, or who are not physically present in the office. Private podcasts can be a great way to provide internal information to these employees. 🤫

Another reason could be to provide training programs that can help employees improve their skills. This can be an effective way for employees to grow within the company. 

Finally, internal podcasts can help improve communication within larger companies and foster employee loyalty by offering daily or weekly shows. 🤩

The Employer Brand Podcast

We have discussed branded podcasts that aim to enhance brand awareness and internal communication with employees. Now, let’s focus on branded podcasts designed to enhance your employer brand. 💪

Using a podcast as a recruitment tool offers a dual advantage:

  • Originality: In a competitive corporate recruitment environment, some companies are striving to differentiate themselves from other employers by leveraging the corporate podcast’s power. 😎
  • Attractiveness: As the podcast is a rapidly growing new media, it contributes to the modernization of the employer’s brand image, thereby the company’s appeal and attractiveness for job seekers. 🤩

The Customer Acquisition objective for a Branded Podcast

Let’s be honest, a brand awareness podcast also serves as a means to acquire customers. However, in this particular case, the objective is more subtle and not as apparent.

Creating a podcast with a clear objective of customer acquisition is not an easy task as the podcast is not intended to be a direct advertisement for the brand. Imagine listening to a 30-minute commercial – that would be incredibly dull! 😩

The goal is to talk about the brand in a unique and unconventional way, breaking away from traditional advertising tactics.

Some brands have succeeded in talking about their business differently while still achieving their customer acquisition goals. 🎯

Branded podcasts are gaining popularity as a communication tool for businesses. 😎 

They provide a distinctive way to engage the public, enlighten employees, share stories and knowledge, and establish themselves as experts in their field. Whether it’s discussing company news, interviewing employees, sharing tips and tricks, or narrating stories, branded podcasts offer a creative and effective way to communicate. 

If you’re considering launching your own business podcast, get in touch with us to take advantage of our services and support. 🚀

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